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Basic4android’s New “UI Cloud Service” Enables Immediate Testing of User Interface Layouts on Multiple Android Smartphones and Tablets

November 27, 2012

YODFAT, Israel, November 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Anywhere Software, a leading provider of developers’ tools for the Android, Windows
Mobile, and Pocket PC platforms, today announced the addition of a new service to its
Basic4android [http://www.basic4ppc.com/index.html ] development platform. Known as the
“Basic4android UI Cloud,” this service will allow developers to test their UI design
layouts on multiple Android devices hosted by Anywhere Software. The Beta version of this
service was released on November 1, 2012 and has received a very enthusiastic welcome from
Basic4android’s community of more than 30,000 developers.

The high level of fragmentation within the Android market makes it both expensive and
time-consuming for developers to test their applications on every relevant device and OS
version. In terms of the user interface, the multitude of available screen sizes and
resolutions have a profound effect on the layout and are a crucial factor in UI testing.
This is particularly relevant for applications that run on both smartphones and tablets.

“The Basic4android UI Cloud service is designed to simplify the testing of design
layouts in a highly fragmented Android market, saving developers both time and money,”
said Erel Uziel, CEO of Anywhere Software. “The UI Cloud comprises a set of Android phones
and tablets that cover the most common screen sizes and resolutions on the market. As all
the devices are hosted and managed by Anywhere Software, developers do not have to
purchase and maintain dozens of devices in order to test their layouts.”

The UI Cloud works in conjunction with the Basic4android’s powerful Visual Designer
tool, a true WYSIWYG visual editor supporting multiple screens and resolutions. The Visual
Designer allows the developer to build a layout and see the result immediately on a
specific device or emulator, without the need for compilation and deployment on a device.
Using the UI Cloud, developers can now view the results of their work on every device in
the cloud with a single click of their mouse. The service then displays two screenshots
for each device – one for portrait and one for landscape. This enables developers to see
where adjustments are needed and to make the necessary corrections within a matter of

The practical advantages of the UI Cloud are already clear to Beta users, as evidenced
by the positive feedback on Basic4android’s online developers’ forum. For example, one
forum member known as PHB2 commented: “Just tested this myself and it worked like a charm.
I can now see that I need to pay greater detail to the way the screens are laid out!”

Basic4android supports all Android phones and tablets (from Android 1.6 and up to
Android 4.0). To date, the platform has been used to develop thousands of advanced
applications including features such as: SQL databases, GPS, Serial ports (Bluetooth),
Camera, XML parsing, Web services (HTTP), JSON, Animations, Network (TCP/IP), Text To
Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition, WebView, AdMob (ads) , Graphics, Services (background
tasks), NFC, USB and many more.

About Anywhere Software

Specializing in mobile development since 2005, Anywhere Software develops and markets
developers’ tools for the Android and Windows Mobile platforms. Our flagship offering -
Basic4android – is a comprehensive, feature-rich Rapid Application Development toolbox
that enables both novices and experts to develop high-performance native Android apps.
Basic4android is used by thousands of Java developers worldwide to help them design and
implement their user interfaces for Android phones and tablets. In addition, Anywhere
Software offers Basic4ppc, a development platform for Windows Mobile. For more
information, please visit our website at http://www.basic4ppc.com.

        Contact Information:
        Erel Uziel

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