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OneAccess Networks Introduces Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 for the One Series of Multi-Service Routers

November 27, 2012

HERNDON, Virginia, November 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

OneAccess Networks [http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite ], a leading manufacturer of
multi-service routers and Ethernet access devices, today announced a CableLabs-certified,
integrated DOCSIS 3.0 interface for its One Series portfolio of multi-service routers
(MSRs). The DOCSIS 3.0 capability is initially available as an option for the OneAccess
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/enterprise-access-routers/multi-service-data-and-voice-router/one700.html ]
PRI product configuration.

The company’s One Series with integrated DOCSIS 3.0 reduces the number of appliances
required to deploy managed cloud services to the SMB and enterprise. As a result, cable
operators can realize significant CAPEX and OPEX advantages, including: improved CAPEX
ROI, simplified element management, reduced inventory, higher Quality of Service (QoS)
performance, reduced field technician training and customer service call load.

“Cable operators have been seeking a multi-service router portfolio with integrated
DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities so they can better leverage their HFC network infrastructure for
managed services delivery to the SMB and enterprise,” said Dennis R. Gatens, vice
president and general manager of OneAccess Networks, North America. “Our integrated DOCSIS
3.0 demonstrates our continued commitment to listen to the needs of our customers and
align our product roadmaps with their requirements to deliver greater value to the service

With a CableLabs-certified eCMM (embedded cable modem module), subsequent releases on
the One100
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/enterprise-access-routers/multi-service-data-and-voice-router/one100dm.html ]
, One700
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/enterprise-access-routers/multi-service-data-and-voice-router/one700.html ]
and One540
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/enterprise-access-routers/multi-service-data-router/one540.html ]
will support the range of SIP trunking and hosted PBX services that cable
operators offer to their SMB and enterprise customers, while supporting a cloud-based
services roadmap. With the One Series, cable operators realize the added benefits of
integrated eSBC (enterprise Session Border Controller) and application visibility, control
and optimization features that are necessary for the delivery of high-value managed cloud

Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 is another proof point of OneAccess’ commitment to lead the
evolution of the MSR from a Layer 3 centric network element to a cloud-based application
delivery solution. The One700C PRI configuration will be available for lab evaluation in
Q1 2013, with general availability planned for Q2 2013. For more information, contact
Dennis Gatens at dennis.gatens@oneaccess-net.com.

About OneAccess Networks

Incorporated in 2001, OneAccess Networks is a leading manufacturer of multi-service
routers and Ethernet access devices. With a global presence that includes North America,
Europe and Asia, OneAccess develops strategic vendor-partner relationships with its
service provider customers. Our worldwide customer base numbers more than 140, including 4
of the 5 largest service providers in Europe. We focus on developing solutions that are
aligned with service provider’s roadmaps. As a result, we are recognized as a global
leader for multi-service routers and gateway solutions that enable complete convergence
for the SMB and enterprise user. For more information, visit


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