New iMacs Available This Friday
November 27, 2012

New Apple iMac Available As Of November 30

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

While some insiders might say otherwise, many were shocked when Apple unveiled the new iMacs last month during their “A little more” event.

It had become almost universally accepted that Apple would release the iPad mini and a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display at this event. When that new iMac rose from the stage like an ascended prophet, the new, very slim form factor audibly took the breath away from many a´reporter. This is exactly what Apple loves to do.

Apple has shown their true colors a few more times in the weeks leading up to the release of the latest all-in-one machine.

First, Phil Schiller announced during the event that the 21-inch model would ship in “November,” while the 27-inch variant would should in “December.”

Now, just days away before the end of the month Apple has announced the 21-inch model will go on sale this Friday, November 30th. Just in time.

This is exactly what Apple likes to do. When they shoot for a broad target, such as a whole month, they often deliver in the latter hours, making good on their promise, but also making sure their customers get just a little anxious first.

In addition to the tweaked internals, the new iMacs boast that new, very thin body frame. This is the second way in which Apple is acting exactly as themselves: Every product which bears an Apple logo is almost always (3rd gen iPad notwithstanding) thinner than the next. That Apple would make the iMac remarkably thinner was expected. That they would finally dump the optical drive in order to do it might have been a surprise for many. With the optical drive gone, Ive´s team of designers could then slenderize this computer to just a 5 mm edge. But what of the rest of the computer?

Nearly every shot of these unreleased iMacs has the machine placed at just such an angle to where one might be misled into thinking the entire thing is 5 mm all the way around; Nothing more than a 21-inch, 5 mm thin slate of glass and innards.

While it´s a stretch to say Apple is trying to fool its customers, they would much rather show off that 5 mm edge that they had to work so hard to achieve rather than show the slightly bloated back of the thing.

Even at its thickest, it´s still much thinner than previous generations, yet even so, Apple really doesn´t want you to see it.

In other “shipping at the last minute” news, Apple announced a new version of iTunes during their iPhone 5 special event. At the time, they claimed iTunes 11 would release in “October.” Apple was not only busying themselves for the upcoming unveiling of their newest iPad, they were also busy shifting around their executive lineup, getting rid of the dead weight.

On October 30th, Apple said they´d be pushing back iTunes 11 to “November,” saying they needed a little more time to get it right.

With the end of the month coming this Friday, Apple has yet to make any announcements as to the release date of iTunes 11. A rumor emerged last week which said the new iTunes would launch in the “next days,” a fairly obvious rumor given how many days remain in November.

Perhaps Apple will make both deadlines by releasing both products on the same day?