Pedometer Monitors Your Dog's Health
November 29, 2012

Dog Pedometer Lets Owners Monitor Their Pets’ Heart Health

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Japanese electronics manufacturer Fujitsu launched its ℠Wandant´ dog pedometer on Tuesday, a device the company says will help pet owners monitor the heart health of their four-legged friends.

Once attached to a dog´s collar, the small device connects wirelessly to an owner´s personal computer or smartphone, and uses special software that monitors the state of the dog's health in real-time, Fujitsu said.

Data gathered by the Wandant, which weighs just half an ounce and is less than one-and-a-half inch wide and a little over one inch high, can then be filed in cloud storage by software that conducts further analysis of the animal's health.

For instance, Wandant will be able to measure the number of steps a dog has taken, as well as neck temperature and other health indicators, such as shivering motions, which indicate the animal´s stress levels.

The data can also be analyzed using charts that register daily, weekly and monthly activity, giving pet owners an easy way to identify any significant health changes in their pets.

“The data are presented graphically on a custom website that makes trends in the dog's activities easy to understand at a glance," Fujitsu said.

“This helps owners get a stronger sense of their dog's health, while enabling communication with the dog."

The service, which is sold together with the device, costs $119 for the first year, and $5 per month thereafter.

The name Wandant is a combination of the Japanese word for a dog's bark -- "wan wan” -- which in English translates to "woof woof.”

Fujitsu said it estimates some 400,000 people will buy the device by 2016 in Japan alone.