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PAY.ON Offers Payment Providers Worldwide Immediate Entry Into Mobile Point-of-Sale Market

November 29, 2012

MUNICH, Germany, November 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

PAY.ON AG, the leading international operator of payment infrastructure systems, is
expanding its technical infrastructure to include the ability to now process point-of-sale
transactions in addition to e-commerce in an environment that is PCI-DSS-certified, and as
such, is compliant with all applicable regulations. As a result, payment service providers
worldwide gain easy access to fully-functional, market-tested mobile point-of-sale
solutions, and as such, the opportunity to professionally position themselves for the
market’s current transition to paying via tablets and smartphones in the POS segment. In
cooperation with payworks as a specialist for mobile payment solutions, PAY.ON is
providing both the smooth operations that meet all regulatory requirements as well as
worldwide transaction processing within the international payment network. Interested
parties can view all the information on the portfolio of services offered online at
http://www.payon.com and http://www.payworksmobile.com.

Many up-and-coming mobile POS providers in Europe already rely on solutions from
PAY.ON in order to accept credit cards and local payment methods at the point-of-sale. In
this context, white label solutions are used to guarantee the client’s independence in its
communication with the retailers it serves. This arrangement makes PAY.ON and payworks the
only neutral supplier of processing services for credit and debit cards of all kinds in
Europe. PAY.ON is already cooperating with countless acquirers and hardware manufacturers
for the roll-out. All PAY.ON and payworks systems are PCI-DSS-certified and as such,
completely meet card-issuing organizations’ and local authorities’ regulatory and
security-related requirements. Operations are carried out over a highly-available
infrastructure with an excellent connection to all continents. As a result, clients do not
need to make any start-up or set-up investments to implement their national or
international mobile POS plans.

PAY.ON and payworks make it possible for clients to launch mobile POS solutions for
the iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems – both as a white label application
as well as using an SDK to integrate their own solutions. The technical implementation
preferred by card-issuing organizations adds a Chip & PIN device to the device
applications. These are already fully-certified and available on the market. Clients are
free to choose the hardware they wish to use to process local debit cards, such as the
Girocard in Germany. In this context, payments with credit or debit cards are recorded on
the mobile device set aside specifically for this use, and the consumer confirms the
payment with their PIN. In contrast to other systems, the mobile POS solutions from PAY.ON
are already seamlessly integrated into the PSP Platform-as-a-Service PaySourcing and as
such, are supported immediately. In order to meet the stringent security standards, PAY.ON
relies on PCI and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware security modules (HSMs) that are
used at the data centers in London, Munich, and Salzburg.

About PAY.ON

PAY.ON AG is the world’s leading operator of payment infrastructure systems and
supplier of the white label PaySourcing platform as well as the routing gateway PayPipe.
PaySourcing allows clients to outsource all relevant payment and risk management processes
or to access them from the cloud, and as such, to become a payment service provider all
while cutting costs and saving time and resources. PayPipe is a high-performance payment
gateway that connects all participants in the global payment market through only one API.
As a result, PayPipe accelerates global availability for all market participants like no
other network. Transactions can be appropriately processed online via PayPipe, using all
payment methods in all currencies across all systems. All PAY.ON systems guarantee strict
adherence to the security and requirements standards that apply to the international
payment market. Additional information is available at http://www.payon.com

        PAY.ON AG - Press Contact:
        Wilhelm Fuchs
        Manager Global Press & Public Relations
        Email: press@payon.com
        URL: http://www.payon.com


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