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Nexus 7: the Ideal Christmas Tablet?

November 30, 2012

LONDON, November 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Tablets have been gaining headway for a few years now, with the main obstacle slowing
their strives for world domination being price. With the Nexus 7 by Asus, price is no
longer the obstacle it once was.

How cheap are we talking? The standalone price at Carphone Warehouse
[http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/mobile-phones/ASUS_NEXUS_7_WIFI_16GB ] for a
Nexus 7 with a hefty 32GB of storage is GBP195. Most would call this cheap, but that
doesn’t reflect the high quality device that is the Nexus 7. Well built, yet light and
portable, it sports one of the smaller sized 7″ displays. The smaller screen sizes, down
from 10″ on larger tablets, is proving popular because it makes the devices much more
portable, while still giving a screen that’s much larger than a smartphone and so ideal
for web browsing and media consumption. The screen itself has great contrast and
sharpness, and with a high pixel count and HD resolution, it stacks up excellently against
even 10″ tablets.

Inside, the Nexus 7 has a quad core processor called the Tegra 3, by Nvidia. It’s
anything but a budget chip, and is in fact one of the latest and most powerful around.
Featuring four cores it can power though anything you can think of, from web browsing, HD
playback, 3D gaming and multitasking. In fact, with four cores, the processor is
particularly good at doing many things at once, so you can open multiple apps at once and
still get great performance.

Software-wise the Nexus 7 again has the latest and best, featuring Android Jelly Bean
4.1, with a recent update upgrading it to Android 4.2. It’s full of great features like
voice control, Google voice search with voice answers, and a notification bar that updates
you on local restaurants, sports scores, travel news and much more. Jelly Bean also gives
a battery boost, enabling the Nexus 7 to last for a good 9 hours of use, and it’s one of
the smoothest operating systems going. It’s also super easy to customise, just log in to
the Google Play Store. Here there are over 675,000 apps that let you add new features,
themes, games and much more.

Really, the only thing the Nexus can’t do is make calls and send texts. Luckily
enough, you can grab connected deals. These are contracts that bundle the Nexus 7 with a
smartphone. Carphone Warehouse has a decent selection, starting from just GBP20.50,
enabling you to cruise the net on your Nexus 7 at home, and then catch up with friends on
your phone when you’re out.

The Nexus 7 has the price of a budget tablet, but the hardware and build quality of
something in a completely different price bracket, making it a great Christmas purchase.

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