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World’s First ITU-T G729A Compliant Voice Codec Hardware Accelerator by Noesis Technologies

December 3, 2012

PATRAS, Greece, December 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Noesis Technologies announced today the immediate availability of its ITU-T G.729A
compliant voice codec IP Core. The growth in wireless communication systems, cellular
mobile radio and VoIP technology has created the imperative need for bandwidth efficient,
high speed quality voice coding algorithms. The ITU-T G.729A CS-ACELP is a high speech
quality, low-bit rate (8kbps) codec that has been proposed to meet the voice compression
requirements of a modern communication system.

However the real time SW implementation of a multi-channel ITU-T G.729A compliant
voice codec in conventional DSP processors is prohibitive due to the intensive amount of
signal processing power required by the algorithm. To overcome this limitation Noesis
Technologies has developed a revolutionized, highly efficient hybrid architecture that
implements real time multi-channel G729A voice coding and exhibits the best
performance-silicon area ratio available in the industry. The ntG729 IP Core can be used
as a coprocessor to any processor type and can save significant computing resources for
the main processor by efficiently executing the computationally intensive speech coding
G729A algorithmic operations.

Performance Metrics

The ntG729 hardware accelerator when compared with a software implementation of ITU-T
G.729A algorithm on high-end processors, presents impressive competitive advantages:

– Outperforms by a factor of two by supporting twice as many voice channels.

– It requires only half the gate count thus increasing power efficiency and reducing

– It presents an overall performance/silicon area ratio four times better than any
high-end processor of the market.


Noesis Technologies ntG729 IP Core can be integrated in a variety of end-products
including access devices, audio/video conferencing equipment, call center equipment, IP
phones, IP/PBXs, VoIP gateways, System on Chip (SoC) VoIP processors. The core can be
delivered as RTL source code, FPGA or ASIC (GDSII) netlist, under an End-User License
Agreement. For more information please download ntG729 product brief at


About Noesis Technologies L.P.

Noesis Technologies, L.P. is a silicon IP provider specialized in hardware
implementation of high computational complexity telecom algorithms. Our hardware
accelerator IP solutions allow telecom system developers to significantly off load
demanding tasks from the CPU and to drastically decrease execution time thus boosting the
overall system performance. Our IP cores present an industry leading combination of high
performance, low power and low die-area, as well as easy customization for adaptability to
a wide range of applications. Noesis offers a complete portfolio of Forward Error
Correction IP core solutions that includes Reed Solomon Codecs, Viterbi Decoders, Turbo
Product and Turbo Convolutional Codecs, BCH codecs, (De)Interleavers, Channel Emulators.
The company additionally offers a range of cores in the areas of security, networking,
audio/voice compression and telecom DSP. Our solutions have been integrated in our
customers’ end-products in telecom, aerospace and defense systems. Noesis Technologies is
headquartered at Patras Science Park, GR 26504 Patras, Greece and has offices at San Jose,
CA 95134, USA.

For more information please visit http://www.noesis-tech.com

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