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Destiny Media Announces Commercial Prototype for Disruptive Streaming Video Technology

December 3, 2012

Secure Streaming Video Format Plays on Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets,
Internet TV’s and E-book Readers Without Player Plug-ins, Transcoding
or Content Delivery Networks

VANCOUVER, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY)
(OTCQX: DSNY) is pleased to announce that it has successfully expanded
the prototype announced August 22nd to include functionality and
features required for full commercialization.  Demo videos at http://www.clipstream.com showcase support for full screen HD on broadband, feature length
movies, instant access to any point chosen from thumbnail scenes
displayed above the seek bar and automatic adjustment of quality to
support a wide variety of environments.

The solution is much simpler than alternatives which require proprietary
streaming servers and plug-ins.  Once run through Destiny’s encoder
software, the video is just dropped into any web page server and it
will play back natively on 100% of HTML 5 compliant browsers.

The industry is searching for a new video standard, but none are widely
adopted.  Adobe Flash is   being phased out on smart phones and none of
the new HTML 5 video tag formats (which include H.264, WebM and Ogg Theora among others) have
more than 56% support, according to Statcounter Globalstats October
2012 data.

The industry is spending $3 billion annually on content delivery
networks for hosting video and video usage is growing 48% per year and
currently represents more than 50% of all data transferred on the
internet.  Clipstream® allows publishers to host their content directly
on their own web servers rather than outsourcing, because streams are
recycled through HTTP caching which can reduce loads by 99% for popular

It is estimated that by 2014, the industry will spend $1.6 billion on
transcoding.  Because Clipstream® plays on all modern browsers, users
can create a single video format rather than three or more, reaching
their entire audience without any transcoding at all.

HTML 5 video tag formats are unprotected and videos can easily be copied and shared. 
Clipstream® encoded videos can be watermarked and locked to only play
from authorized source websites or to authorized viewer computers.

Because there are no plug-ins for users to maintain or upgrade, content
owners will be able to reach their entire audience.  It is estimated
that 10-15% of users are unable to see player based video because of
misconfigured or missing plug-in software.

With other solutions, videos become obsolete over time, as new formats
replace old ones. The H.265 format, due out in January 2013, won’t be
compatible with any existing web browser and is intended to phase out
old videos encoded in H.264.  By contrast, Clipstream® encoded videos
will have extreme longevity as all future web browsers will be required
to be backwards compatible with the technologies behind it.

Clipstream® is protected by seven pending US patents claiming priority
to August 2011 and international PCT filings.

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
The recording industry uses Destiny’s Play MPE® secure distribution
service to deliver their pre-release music to radio, online retail,
DJ’s, sports stadiums, journalists and VIP’s. Destiny’s Clipstream®
instant play streaming includes internet radio, internet TV, online
surveys and new cloud and mobile offerings. Patents include
watermarking, peer to peer locking and pending cross platform
playerless streaming video.

SOURCE Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

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