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Sverve Connects Mom Bloggers with Brands and Readers for Sustainable Growth

December 5, 2012

EDISON, N.J., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A newly minted platform, Sverve, promises a transformative change to blogging by connecting readers and brands with the estimated 3.9 million mom bloggers and key social media influencers who create content online.

Sverve’s web site and complementary app are aimed to help busy mom bloggers manage sustainable revenue-generating blogs by providing them multiple opportunities to make money. Brands can gain access to blogger information and leaderboards, and offer guest blogging assignments, community manager positions, or other opportunities to the top social media influencers on Sverve.

“Mom bloggers want to gain more visibility and build an engaged reader base,” said Rohit Vashisht, co-founder and CEO of Sverve. “Generating traffic through Facebook and Twitter is difficult because they are noisy platforms and are cumbersome to search. Our targeted platform intelligently ranks mom bloggers, so both readers and potential brand partners can quickly find the right blog and author.”

After signup on Sverve.com or through its iPhone app, bloggers can specify up to five areas of influence such as kids’ activities, products, special needs, etc., that fit their specific niche. They can then seamlessly connect their Sverve profile with their Facebook page and Twitter feed and post short summaries of their latest blog posts as tips. As a blogger’s work is shared, other readers can endorse her in the selected areas of influence, which in turn elevates her score and encourages greater readership.

“We measure the true social influence of a blogger that takes into account more than just their Facebook or Twitter activity,” explained Vashisht. “As bloggers promote their work on Sverve, they gain endorsements from readers, helping them gain a higher score. This score gets them noticed by brands, allowing them to sustain their blog through the generation of real revenue.”

All bloggers on Sverve become part of a database that can be easily searched, allowing readers to find bloggers whose subject matters closely align to their interests. Sverve also enables mom bloggers to find and collaborate with their peers, a task that previously required unreliable Internet searches.

A combination of the words “social” and “verve”, the company’s name is meant to encourage users to unleash their enthusiasm within a social context. Sverve does not host blogs; it is a discovery mechanism that enables top mom bloggers and social media influencers to be discovered by readers and brands.

To learn more about Sverve, visit www.sverve.com.

About Sverve:
Sverve is an online platform and mobile application designed to meet the needs of the massive population of mom bloggers and brands that want to engage with these key influencers. It enables bloggers to develop engaged readers and connect with brands for revenue generation. Sverve came about as a rebranding and refocusing of HashTip, a social commerce platform for moms that offered user-curated tips on kids’ products, services, and deals to a user base of over thousands of users. Visit www.sverve.com for more information.


Source: PR Newswire