Rumors Abound On iPhone 5S Release
December 5, 2012

Rumors Abound On iPhone 5S Release

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Christmas has come early for those Apple fans who thoroughly enjoy staying on top of the iPhone rumor mill. In early November, Chinese newspaper DigiTimes released a report claiming Apple would begin testing the next iPhone (commonly referred to as the iPhone 5S) in December. If DigiTimes has it right, (and they usually don´t) Apple will begin selling this new iPhone sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

As easy as it was to ignore the story as nothing more than a Web site wanting to be the first to kick start the iPhone 5S rumor mill, some still wondered. After all, Apple upgraded each of their iOS devices within a span of less than 2 months this fall, seemingly locking them into a fall release schedule for both the iPhone and the iPad mini.

Perhaps Apple was preparing to break away from this autumnal cycle? Today, French site is giving some credence to DigiTime´s earlier story, claiming to have the first pictures of an upcoming iPhone 5S. These pictures are said to have been originally hosted on a forum called iPhone5Parts and show what could be the back shell of the next iPhone.

Published on the website forum iPhone5Parts, these pictures show us a shell at first glance identical to the current iPhone 5 but some details visible on the inside of this element seem to indicate that there might indeed be of One of the next generation of Apple's smartphone,” reads a translated text from the French site.

These pictures of an alleged iPhone 5S are also seen next to an existing iPhone 5 back plate, and as pointed out on the forum, they appear to be some differences between the 2 pictures.

According to these 2 pictures, the back plate which is said to belong to the iPhone 5S has a few screw holes which are set in a different place than the screw holes in the iPhone 5.

There are a few other, very small differences in these 2 back plates. If this image is real and of an upcoming iPhone, then these differences could mean anything from different layout to different hardware.

Finally, these pictures show a back plate which looks identical to the current iPhone 5, save for a few “X” marks where the model number, FCC ID and IMEI number would go. These images, should they be legitimate, could belong to a prototype iPhone which Apple is still testing.

However, if the DigiTimes report in November is correct, these images could depict a part which will be used by Apple to test out the production of some 50,000 to 100,000 units before releasing a brand new iPhone 5S in just a few months.

This would be the first time Apple has ever released a brand new phone less than 10 months after their previous release. The iPhone 4 for Verizon did launch in January following a June release, but this phone wasn't new so much as it had been rebuilt to add a CDMA radio inside and adjust the antenna.