Facebook Replaces Subscribe Button With Follow
December 6, 2012

Facebook Changes Subscribe To Follow To Help Alleviate Confusion

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Facebook is changing the terminology of its subscribe feature, replacing the word "subscribe" with "follow” to help alleviate confusion about the meaning of the feature, the social network announced on Wednesday.

"We found as a term it resonates better with people on the service,” Facebook said in a statement about changing from subscribe to follow, a move that appears to be a nod to rival Twitter.

Launched last September, Facebook´s “subscribe” feature lets users receive updates from other Facebook members with whom they have no relationship, such as celebrities or news organizations.

Members who subscribe to a person´s profile can then follow that user´s public updates without having to be his or her approved friend.

Facebook members must first opt-in to the subscribe feature if they wish to have their updates followed.

The service, which is also a part of Facebook´s Interest Lists, has proven to be a particularly useful tool for journalists and public figures seeking to generate a following.

Facebook said the feature would continue to work as it always has, and that only the name is changing.

The new terminology will begin rolling out across the site today, although it may take a few weeks to reach all of Facebook´s 1 billion members, the company said.