Apple - Coming To America
December 6, 2012

Is Apple Making The Move To Made In America Status?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Apple´s latest iMac hasn´t even been available for a week yet and already, some early adopters of this popular all-in-one computer are beginning to notice something out of the ordinary about their machines.

The oft-mocked stamping found on the back of all Apple products usually reads: Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.

In the first 5 days of the new, slimmer iMac´s availability, several stories have been popping up about a different kind of stamp, a promising kind of stamp: Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in the USA.

This sent many to wonder if Apple had simply tested the assembly process in an American plant and sold these computers to meet demand, or if this stamp was a sign of things to come.

According to Bloomberg´s Businessweek, Mac production will soon be coming to America.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple´s CEO Tim Cook has said some Mac production will be moving to the US in 2013.

“It´s not known well that the engine for the iPhone and iPad is made in the US, and many of these are also exported–the engine, the processor,” said Cook.

Cook also made the same claims during an interview this year´s All Things D conference.

“And next year we are going to bring some production to the US on the Mac. We´ve been working on this for a long time, and we were getting closer to it. It will happen in 2013. We´re really proud of it. We could have quickly maybe done just assembly, but it´s broader because we wanted to do something more substantial. So we´ll literally invest over $100 million.”

Cook was careful to mention that Apple won´t be running these plants by themselves, saying they´ll be “working with people” to bring this production to the United States.

NBC has also announced this morning that Tim Cook will be giving an exclusive interview to Brian Williams which will air this evening on NBC´s “Rock Center.”

The statements released from this interview by NBC do not differ much from the statements in Bloomberg´s interview, and while Cook has admitted twice that one of the Macs will be produced in America, he has yet to say which one.

In the brief clip from tonight´s NBC interview, Cook calls the project to bring more production to the USA a “concerted effort.”

“The consumer electronics world was really never here,” Cook said. “It´s a matter of starting it here.”

As for the new iMacs with the new “Assembled in the USA” stamp, 9to5Mac claims these computers were assembled in the San Jose area, perhaps near Fremont, California.

Apple´s first assembly plant was located in Fremont and built Macs there until 1993 when production moved to Elk Grove, California.

Some have also estimated that these new iMacs were made in the Elk Grove location. In September, the Sacramento Business Journal pointed out that Apple´s Elk Grove campus has grown by 50% this year alone and now employs upwards of 1,800 workers. At the time of this article, Apple was still hiring for 15-30 positions at Elk Grove.