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Condusiv Technologies Releases V-locity 4 VM Acceleration Software for up to 50 Percent Performance Improvement of all VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Platforms

December 10, 2012

LONDON, December 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

New V-locity 4 VM acceleration software optimizes reads and writes, enabling faster
applications and more VMs on a single, physical server without adding any additional
storage hardware.

Condusiv(TM) Technologies [http://www.condusiv.com ], formerly Diskeeper Corporation,
the leader in high-performance software optimizing technology, people and businesses,
today announced the release of V-Locity(R) 4, application performance and virtual storage
software for virtualized environments including all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V
virtual platforms.

V-locity 4 [http://www.condusiv.com/business/v-locity/overview ] acceleration software
allows IT organizations to go substantially faster in virtualized environments without the
cost of new or additional storage hardware.

By optimizing reads and writes at the server, V-locity 4
[http://www.condusiv.com/business/v-locity/overview ] boosts Virtual Machine (VM)
performance up to 50% for faster response times and improved I/Os per second eliminating
application bottlenecks and enabling more VMs on a single, physical server. Because VMs
share server and storage resources, the only way to get the full value of virtualization
and protect CAPEX investment is by improving I/O response time while increasing bandwidth
to the VM without adding additional hardware.

Moreover, by solving the I/O bottlenecks at the source proactively and transparently,
customers can just install V-locity 4 and continue to experience performance improvements
without any further efforts.

“The Condusiv V-locity product has consistently increased the performance of our VMs.
These noted performance gains are even more readily apparent to me and our other
administrators through our usage of the new Benefit Analyzer functionality built into the
newest V-locity 4.0 product. This functionality not only allows us to more easily generate
reports that visually show the benefits of the product to ourselves, it also provides us
with great documentation for demonstrating the benefit of V-locity 4.0 to our managerial
staff. For example, one of our Remote Desktop Session host servers experienced a 190%
improvement in normalized I/Os per second while latency was reduced by 190% as well. We
particularly like the IntelliWrite functionality of V-locity 4.0,” said Bryan Stephens,
Technology Services Specialist, Information Technology, Angelo State University Member,
Texas Tech University System

V-locity 4 VM acceleration software is a ground-breaking solution for NAS and SAN
network storage applications. Condusiv Technologies will guarantee a minimum of 25%
performance boost on virtual machines, OR THE SOFTWARE IS FREE!

Register at http://www.condusiv.com/fastervms to learn more.

The primary barriers to performance on a virtual platform are:

        - Unnecessary I/Os. The Windows operating system generates unnecessary I/O
          operations by breaking a single file into several pieces upon write. As each piece
          requires additional operations on the storage layer, the net result is an I/O penalty
          incurred for every write and subsequent read.
        - I/O bottlenecks. Without proactively addressing the most frequently accessed
          data on the server side, that data must travel the full distance between server and
          storage increasing latency and stealing storage bandwidth.

“Applications, mobile devices and Big Data are creating tremendous amounts of data.
This explosion of data has also created an I/O explosion. While virtualization provides
our customers with the agility and scalability required to meet increasing data challenges
and helps with cost savings, it is aggravating the I/O bottleneck problem. Unless
organizations address these I/O challenges, they won’t be able to realize the full value
of their virtualization investment,” said Jerry Baldwin, CEO of Condusiv Technologies.
“V-locity 4 with IntelliMemory and IntelliWrite technology eliminates unnecessary I/O and
bottlenecks at the source, improving performance by up to 50% on all VM platforms enabling
more VMs on a single physical server without additional CAPEX hardware cost”.

New proactive technology:

IntelliMemory(TM) RAM caching technology. Reduces I/O bottlenecks by intelligently
caching active data, thus eliminating unnecessary I/O traffic and improving performance by
up to 50%.

IntelliWrite(R) technology automatically prevents the Windows operating system from
breaking files into pieces and writing those pieces in a performance penalized manner.
This proactive approach improves performance while preventing any negative impact to
advanced SAN/NAS features like snapshots replication, data deduplication or thin
provisioning growth.

Redesigned User Interface: Completely redesigned UI for ease of use and product family

V-Aware(R) technology detects external resource usage from other virtual machines on
the virtual platform and eliminates any resource contention that might slow performance.

CogniSAN(R) technology detects external resource usage within a shared storage system,
such as a SAN, and allows for transparent optimization by not competing for resources
utilized by other VMs over the same storage infrastructure. It does this without intruding
upon any SAN-layer operations.

InvisiTasking(R) technology allows all the V-locity 4 “background” operations within
the VM to run with zero resource impact on current production.

V-locity also offers advanced methods that allow storage devices to reclaim unused
space. This includes trim and unmap support, as well as automatic zeroing of free space to
make compaction easy – online, automatically. It can also be used to reclaim space during
storage migration, taking full advantage of storage features and performance.

V-locity includes a Benefit Analyzer feature that helps deliver a before and after
performance comparison for V-locity allowing a user to validate with supervisors and
stakeholders the key benefits the product brings to the business.

System Requirements:

V-locity 4 installs on all Windows virtual machines and supports:

Windows XP (requires SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,

Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (or R2) and Windows Server 2012

For more information visit http://www.Condusiv.com

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About Condusiv. Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimizes
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