Google Cloud Services Go Down Briefly
December 10, 2012

Google Mail And Drive Took A Brief Lunch Break This Afternoon

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Perhaps one of the greatest features of Twitter is the ability to quickly asses which other Internet services are down.

It´s appropriate, if you think about it: Even a popular web tool used to discern if a particular web site or service is down,, was created by an ex-Twitter employee.

Twitter users have many chances to use this service as their own sounding board to vent their frustrations when sites go down. After all, as we´re still in the early days of cloud-based computing, many of these offerings are prone to minutes or even hours of downtime, interrupting workflows and giving us something entirely trivial to complain about.

Today, users got a chance to complain about some Google services, such as Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive and even some Google apps.

Gmail was the first to go down around 12:30 Eastern Time. Many were unable to access their email for what seemed to be mere minutes.

At 12:30, Google issued a statement, saying they were “investigating reports of an issue with Google Mail.”

Later, Google referred to the hiccup as a “disruption” rather than an “outage.”

Though Gmail may have been down for just minutes, this was more than enough time to send out plenty of angry, confused and hurt Tweets about not being able to access email.

As these Twitter users were talking, many began to notice that their Chrome browsers were also crashing nearly simultaneously with one another. One person on Twitter claimed, the two were related, saying the newest version of Chrome will crash when Gmail is loaded.

Google´s Drive was also said to be acting spotty during this time, likely due to the same issues with Chrome and Gmail.

The Gmail and Google Apps outage also affected some enterprise customers. According to ZDNet, CBS Interactive´s email system was affected by this outage. Some users were left without email for 5 to 10 minutes, while some were left without service for 10 minutes.

This writer noticed an issue sending and receiving emails from a Gmail account for about 5 minutes before the issue was resolved.

As he had plenty to do, he did not take to Twitter to complain or look for explanations, and before he knew it, the whole thing had blown over.

Google has yet to issue another statement about today´s outage, saying only that they´d plan to provide updates at its Apps Status Dashboard.

As it stands, the Dashboard claims disruptions for Google Mail and Google Drive.