Hacktivists Attack ESA, FBI, NASA And More
December 11, 2012

Team GhostShell Attacks Several Agencies Including NASA And The FBI

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Yet another group of “Hacktivists” have seen it fit to attack some government organizations and leak personal data in the name of Freedom of Information.

Team GhostShell, a band of hackers with loose ties to Anonymous, announced yesterday that they have stolen accounts from several government agencies and organizations. As proof, these hackers have also posted information from 1.6 million accounts online, making the people attached to these accounts vulnerable to even more hacking attacks.

The hackers are calling this attack “Project White Fox” and have targeted the ESA, FBI, Federal Reserve, Interpol, NASA and the Pentagon.

A representative for these hackers has written a taunting note to members of these organizations, after recalling several other run-ins these hackers have had with different governments.

“How intriguing that after, all those propaganda medias and government statements went from "they are a threat" to "nevermind, it's nothing" and everything got either retracted or covered shortly after.”

This attack is said to be GhostShell´s largest yet and their last of 2012. They´ve dumped the data they stole from these agencies across the Internet on sites such as GitHub, Slexy.org and PasteSite.com.

According to The Next Web, the type of files included in these dumps suggest GhostShell used an SQL injection in order to obtain this information. Email addresses, home addresses, IP addresses, logins, names, passwords, and phone numbers have all been included in these data dumps, leaving many who work in these organizations vulnerable to anyone who wishes to use this information in a dangerous way.

There are email addresses from common, web-based email clients, such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, as well as many .gov email addresses.

In addition to leaking personal information about the agents and employees of these organizations, GhostShell has also released documents and material concerning partnerships struck between public and private entities, as well as other classified information from these entities.

In the middle of their explanation of ProjectWhiteFox, GhostShell takes time to mention Anonymous and support their “operation” during the Worldwide Conference on International Telecommunications.

Anonymous is asking people to sign a petition to keep governments from having total control over the Internet and the way networks from different countries interact with one another.
GhostShell also encouraged other hackers to continue attacking these organizations, saying the governments and law enforcement agencies are lacking in their understanding of security and cybercrime.

“So, hackers and hacktivists alike, don't tremble, don't over think things too much. Do what you want to do and give 0fucks always. Their only weapons are ProjectHoneyPot and metasploit. rofl”

Closing out their tirade against these organizations, GhostShell mentions that they´ve sent emails to members of the FBI, Homeland Security Information Network and partners of NASA to point out other security failures in these networks.

“Forgot to mention that the email will also contain another 150 vulnerable servers from the Pentagon, NASA, DHS, Federal Reserve, Intelligence firms, L-3 CyberSecurity, JAXA, etc. consider it an early Christmas present from us.”