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Custom Incentive Cards Now Have Lightened Restrictions

December 13, 2012

DALLAS, Dec. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — IncentiveCardLab.com, a leader in the online incentive card industry, has eased restrictions on the designs permitted on custom incentive cards. Recently revised restrictions no longer limit company logos to twenty-five percent of the face of the card, now allowing logos to drop below the card numbers. Text and taglines, which used to have to be part of a locked-in logo on the company website, have also been recently allowed. “We knew it was frustrating for customers, so we fought hard and these restrictions will no longer be an issue,” announced David Jones, CEO of IncentiveCardLab.com.

Just in time for the holidays, these changes will make orders process faster so customers no longer have to wonder if reward cards will make it to clients or employees in time for holiday shopping. Purchasing online allows businesses to customize reward cards, not only by adding their logo to the face of the card, but also being able to have the recipient’s name printed on the card. This personal gesture is a great way to stick in the minds of clients and employees during the holidays.

Custom incentive cards are mailed in a complementary custom greeting card. Whether you are buying one reward card for a standout employee or giving a holiday bonus card to an entire company, online purchase protects the card number from scammers and saves the purchaser a trip to the store and post office.

This year, your holiday reward cards can do even more. IncentiveCardLab.com is running a holiday campaign to raise funds for Dallas’ youngest victims of homelessness from six weeks to five years old. For every order using the HOPE promo code, IncentiveCardLab.com will donate $30 in diapers to Vogel Alcove, the only comprehensive early childhood education program in Dallas whose primary focus is to provide free healthcare management to homeless children and their families. The HOPE promo code is only valid through November 30(th), so order your incentive cards and take advantage of the newly lightened restrictions while supporting a good cause.

About IncentiveCardLab.com
IncentiveCardLab.com was the first to offer Visa Incentive Cards you can customize with your logo. Now their mission is to provide the largest selection of incentive cards in the world, including store gift cards and e-gift cards, while continuing to wow customers with exceptional customer service. Founded in 2004, the Dallas based company makes it simple, fast, and affordable to send incentive cards anywhere in the U.S. with no minimum order and no setup fee. For more information, visit our online store.

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