Flickr Gets New Photo Filters
December 13, 2012

Yahoo’s Flickr Gets Updated App And New Photo Filters

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Mobile photo filters have been the talk of the town lately. Instagram helped ignite this trend years ago when they launched their iOS app shortly after Apple released the iPhone 4, a smartphone with an exceptional camera. Today, a Facebook-owned Instagram has just cut some ties with Twitter, who has also just released a version of their app, complete with filters. Google+ is doing its part to keep in step with its largest competitors and announced their own photo service with filters last week in Snapseed.

Yesterday, Yahoo jumped into the game as their own photo service, Flickr, released a new version of their iOS app stocked with, you guessed it, photo filters.

“We know that some of your best photo moments happen on the fly, so we´ve made it easier to get the perfect shot when inspiration hits,” said Flickr to announce this newly redesigned app on their blog.

“Once you get the shot, there´s a built-in editor to quickly correct, crop, or enhance it with one of the new high res filters.”

Flickr has long been the place to share and store photos.

When the iPhone 4 was released, many of these “iPhoneographers” began posting their pictures on Flickr, opening up a new blend of casual photography. A year after its release, Flickr announced that the iPhone 4 had become the most popular camera on its site.

With this kind of history between Apple´s smartphone and the photo service, it seems almost odd for them to have waited so long to jump into the photo filters game.

Whatever the reason, Flickr has now added filters to its list of features and claims these filters add just the right touch to any photo.

There are 16 filters included in Flickr´s new iOS app, capable of turning ordinary photos into vintage throwbacks or moody memories. “We´ve worked with our partners to ensure that your photos look gorgeous no matter where they are viewed, on or off Flickr,” reads the blog post.

Like other photo services, pictures taken in the new Flickr iOS app can be shared across the usual platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even email. Users can upload those pictures they didn´t take in the app to Flickr directly from their Camera Roll and share them with the world, Flickr Groups, or no one in particular.

The new app also allows users to sign in via a Facebook Login and search for photos based on their current location.

In their early days, many balked at the idea of buying a phone with such a sophisticated camera just to use an app to make the photos look as if they were taken with a cheap, toy camera.

Yet, the rise in popularity of apps such as Instagram and Hipstagram has shown that, for whatever reason, people love taking pictures and adding a bit of fun and whimsy to them with these filters.

To consider Instagram a Photo Filters app is a bit short sighted. Where Instagram excels is its sharing capabilities, allowing users to instantly share their memories with friends across multiple platforms.

Until recently, Instagram pictures shared to Twitter would show up in line with the corresponding text of the Tweet. Instagram has now stopped offering this support to Twitter, sending out links to a user´s picture instead of embedding them directly in the Tweet.