Dell Wants To Attract Smaller Companies Into The Cloud
December 14, 2012

Dell Wants To Attract Smaller Companies Into The Cloud

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

During its Dell World 2012 conference in Austin, TX yesterday, the  PC company announced new updates to its all-in-one data center in an attempt to attract smaller companies with small IT staffs. According to a press statement by Dell, these new updates will bring faster on-ramp virtualization to customers as well as allow IT staff to keep cached data on fast Flash memory.

According to Dell, 50% of installed workloads are running on Virtual machines. As such, the company has said it plans to increase commitment in this area. Allowing for faster upload times and easier IT management are all meant to fulfill this commitment.

In the press statement, Marius Haas, the president of Dell´s enterprise solutions group has said: "In an effort to drive IT simplicity, efficiency and predictability, enterprises are rapidly embracing converged, virtualized and cloud environments.”

"Dell is helping businesses rethink their approach to the data center, to help them realize the full benefits of these trends. By combining Dell's scalable design focus and powerful data center offerings with Dell's enterprise software assets and services deployment philosophy, Dell is uniquely positioned to help customers build an open and flexible data center of the future," said Haas.

One way Dell plans to bring these improvements to their customers is by updating their Active Infrastructure technology, an “end-to-end” product for smaller companies looking to run virtual machines (VMs). Dell´s recent acquisition of Gale Technologies is helping the company bring some of these improvements to their customers.

Gale Technologies specialized in data center management and cloud creation, offering products which automated a data center infrastructure and allowed administrators to monitor these infrastructures via the cloud. With Gale Technologies at hand, Dell´s Active System Manager can now deploy clusters of virtual servers in a short amount of time. Dell has said deploying these clusters would normally take days. With their new updates, Dell is saying their new offerings can do the same work in hours.

These new updates will also allow remote management of Dell OpenManage systems, saving IT staff time spent monitoring these system.

Dell has also added their Fluid Cache Technology into the Active Infrastructure. Now, thanks to what they´re calling “tier zero-storage,” these Active Infrastructure customers can use VMs to conduct “performance-sensitive, mission-critical applications.”

Looking ahead, Dell has said that future versions of Active System Manager will also give customers the opportunity to support any third-party platforms which that company may already be using. Dell has said supporting these other platforms will create a more flexible and open environment as well as save their customers money and time.

Dell also announced a partnership with Ippany B.V and Mezeo Software in order to allow for secure mobile data collaboration through a privately owned cloud. These new updates will be based on the Del Fluid File System and the Dell DX Object Storage Platform.

With these updates, customers will be able to access secure corporate data from anywhere. This move will also make it easier for IT professionals to manage networks with multiple mobile devices accessing it.