Reverse Phone Search System Adds Millions of New Phone Records at CellPhoneRegistry.com

December 17, 2012

Reverse phone search system at CellPhoneRegistry.com has added millions of new phone numbers. These numbers now include unlisted numbers, cell numbers and landline numbers to help someone to verify ownership information for U.S. based phone numbers online.

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

Millions of new phone records have been added to the online database at the CellPhoneRegistry.com website. These records are pulled from public and private sources to provide one of the most comprehensive reverse phone search systems now available online.

Users of this system now have the ability to search close to half a billion phone records that include unlisted, unpublished, cell and landline numbers online.

The caller identification industry helped to provide information to callers for the first time in the 1980s. These systems were used to help landline phone owners know who has called a specific number. While these systems are valuable, the technology that is now available through alternative databases can reveal more detailed information.

Unlisted phone numbers can be a problem to trace due to the non-reporting of phone ownership information. Cell users that opt-out of communication requests from cellular and landline phone providers can usually remove data from database systems.

The CellPhoneRegistry.com website now supplies data from more than one resource. This data can now be used by adults that have not found success searching numbers through other sources.

Prank phone calls can and do happen to people of all ages. New issues like cyber bullying and other cyber crimes can be listed as a phone threat by some state law enforcement agencies. The identification of a potential phone threat case is one of the pieces that can help achieve a victorious outcome for a victim. The millions of new numbers now added online are designed to provide more public information that is easily accessible.

The new online database access is available in two types of searches. The first is a basic search that is designed to provide a match in the system. The detailed information about cell, landline and unlisted numbers is offered with a premium search plan that provides unlimited searches throughout the year.

About Cell Phone Registry

The Cell Phone Registry website offers its millions of U.S. based phone numbers through its search tool to adults online. The reverse phone lookup features now make it possible for average people to locate information that used to be available to private investigation companies. This alternative to Caller ID is now helping people in all 50 states to search discretely online. The Cell Phone Registry website can be accessed from any Internet connection or mobile Internet connected device 365 days a year.

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