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Begslist Seeks Donations During This Holiday Season

December 19, 2012

CHICAGO, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With the holidays fast approaching, there are still many out there that are under stressful or depressing situations, struggling, and need your help. Begslist is seeking donations for our online community to keep hope alive for many families and individuals who are less fortunate. Healthy or budget-strapped, your finances shouldn’t hold you back from giving back. Give or volunteer to make a difference, feel good and give a gift that helps brings happiness and hope to someone else’s life.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Most of us this year will be enjoying a wonderful holiday dinner with our friends and family, but for millions of families across the country, Christmas will be like any other day; a struggle to make ends meet.

When it comes to giving, especially during the holidays, do what feels right. The best gifts will come from your heart and the feeling of knowing you helped someone can make your year. Giving helps us realize that sometimes we may not be happy with what we have, but seeing that others have it worse, will keep us down to earth and grateful for what we do have.

On Begslist.org, an online donation website that is dedicated to helping people in need, the stories from people asking for help are heartbreaking.

Here are just some stories that you can find on our Begslist Community:

“I am a single mother of two children. I work full time and I am also in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. I have been reaching out to various county programs for rental assistance and no foundation has any money to assist with. I’m not asking for much. I need no more than 2000 dollars to get on track. I’m struggling! My kids are my everything. I do what I do for them. If someone could donate to me for my situation, I would be forever grateful. – Written by WorkingSingleMom

“I have seen how terrible the conditions are for homeless children, youth, and elderly. I have seen these poor people with hardly any clothes, no food, and no shelter. I even have seen homeless pets that are treated terribly, starved, abused, and sometimes killed. I want to be able to help in any way I can. – Written by a non-religious activist/missionary originally from Wisconsin

“I am asking for some help with the remainder of our rent. We need $400.00 to do this. My daughter was in a bad car wreck last month and we have been using what little cash we have for trips back and forth every week to Harborview Medical in Seattle. Any way you can possibly help us this season? We would be very thankful to you. Any and all help is being asked for and sought as we are really struggling at this very moment. – Written by nasaetlum

Begslist.org is an online donations website dedicated to helping people in need through the use of allowing users to create free donation pages to raise money for needs or causes. Help bring Begslist user requests to reality and make their wishes come true! Try something different this Holiday Season and take the time to send donations to those less fortunate. One of the most effective and timely ways to donate to people who desperately need help is to make monetary or holiday donations online by going to www.begslist.org.

For more information about Begslist.org, donations or cyber begging, please visit http://www.begslist.org/. And please show support for people in need this Holiday Season!

About Begslist.org

Since 2007, Begslist has helped thousands of people raise dollars online for things like paying bills, medical expenses, money for school, crowd funding for startups, funeral expenses, travel expenses, charity donations, toys for kids, money for the holidays, fundraising, and recovery from a natural disaster.

“Giving is a universal opportunity. Regardless of your age, profession, religion, income bracket, and background, you have the capacity to create change.” Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen – Philanthropist.

Begslist is a free way to ask for donations online, maintain privacy, and protect one’s pride when raising money or begging for help. Now with the recent United States of America JOBS Act, crowd funding has become a new stable on Begslist’s website where start up companies can ask for donations online as well. Begslist also has interesting articles on our Begslist Blog that offers tips, inspiration and guest commentary about the economy.

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