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Challenges and Opportunities of China’s LED Market

December 20, 2012

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The LED market has seen a growing market and policy support, with LED lights becoming trendy products globally, especially in developed regions such as Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea and beyond. In China, the application of LED products picked up in the year 2008, including LED street lights, solar LEDs, LED full-color displays, consumer electronic LED lights and so on. During 2009 and 2010, China’s LED industry had a prosperous development, with certain technological breakthroughs. Meanwhile, the development of LED lighting will drive the progress of LED driver power supplies and other LED related industries. According to relevant departments’ predictions, China’s LED driver power supply will reach over RMB7 million, and the market scale will expand to RMB1.75 billion.

Relevant data shows that the number of LED patent applications in China increased significantly in recent years. According to the “Analysis Report on Semiconductor Lighting Patent Risk” by the Development Research Center of the State Intellectual Property Office, patent applications for LEDs in China cover 22 countries and regions, with Japan, South Korea, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands ranking as the top five. From the view of SeekIC, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Weiku Information & Technology Company, China’s LED development plays an indispensable role in the international LED market with thriving development potential, though the core LED technologies and patents are under the monopoly of other countries. Since there is a growing tendency of rational development in the domestic LED market, more and more foreign enterprises are turning to it. At present, China has become the world’s biggest lighting appliances producer and the second largest lighting appliance exporter. By the end of 2011, there were over 3,000 LED enterprises, of which only 140 enterprises had an annual output value of tens of millions of yuan. In general, the development of the Chinese LED industry is faced with great opportunities and unprecedented challenges.

SeekIC is devoted to the promotion of the development of the LED industry. YXS TECHNOLOGY.,LIMITED is a electronics company with a large number of electronic components in stock for military level, industrial level, rare and civil use. With the promotion of the SeekIC platform, the company has been able to develop a series of LED products, such as CL-L230-C10L. XIN XING LONG (HK) CO., LIMITED is an electronic components company with a professional LED factory and thousands of related products. Actually, there are many more partnership LED manufacturers with SeekIC. SeekIC has been committed to helping these enterprises adapt to the development of various electronics industries, not limited to the IC industry. With the aid of its functions and influence, SeekIC is effective in helping customers with an in-depth understanding of the global market and in guiding domestic suppliers into the development of new products and technology in order to have a characterized product brand. It also provides one-on-one service to help customers establish effective, targeted social marketing networks.

The future trend of lighting energy lies in LED combined with solar energy. Except for common household lighting, LEDs are being applied in many different areas, such as automobile headlights and daytime running lights. SeekIC will make further developments and increase market shares in the LED field. For SeekIC and LED manufacturers, policy effects can create great opportunities as well as great challenges.


Source: PR Newswire