Christmas Gift Ideas For Geeks
December 21, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For The Geek On Your List

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Did your heart grow a few extra sizes this Christmas, but you find yourself running out of ideas for those last minute gifts? Well, redOrbit has reviewed a few products, and we'd like to toss some your way for the creative folk on your list, to keep your gift bag extra full this year.

Mythbusters Season 8

Anyone who is a fan of redOrbit is more than likely also a fan of Mythbusters. It provides science geeks with the facts and science fans with the fun. This season is another classic edition of the fact-or-fiction show and helps continue a tradition of using science to prove or disprove myths. This season makes a great stocking stuffer for all those in favor of proving someone right or wrong.

Subjekt Pulse Bluetooth Headphones

Anyone with an iPhone, or any portable device capable of the wireless connectivity, might love to have these. The stereo headphones are great for when you want to listen to music, without having to worry about wires getting in the way.

The Pulse headphones offer some pretty good sound quality, especially considering they use a Bluetooth connection, and also feature easy-access on-ear buttons to control your device. Subjekt's headphones also have a microphone, so you can use the headphones as a headset for when you are driving, skiing, or whatever other activities that you might need to listen to music wirelessly.

KB Covers

Tablet computers are becoming a big deal, but they still are unable to fill the void a laptop is able to offer. KB Covers offers a wide variety of keyboard covers for creative types, as well as those who just want to tidy up the space below their fingertips.

The photographer in your life would love to have KB Covers' Photoshop keyboard cover, allowing them to access some of the shortcuts Adobe's premier photography software has to offer. Any musician who has a home recording studio would get a kick out of having the Logic Pro or Express keyboard covers as well, saving them a few extra steps.

The newbie World of Warcraft online player could also use one particular keyboard cover to help achieve all sorts of accomplishments in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

For anyone who just wants to buck the trend, KB Covers also offers a few different assortments of keyboard covers that could make your letters pop a little more than the standard look.

MXL Microphones

Whether the person you are buying for is a videographer or is a musician who wants to slap down a few tracks in a home studio, MXL has a few different options. The company's basic USB Tempo mic is able to get them started on the right track for recording those tunes at home.

For the more advanced player, and those who have a tad more cash to spend, try the Studio 24 USB microphone. Not only is this microphone able to record in stereo, but it also is capable of a few more advanced features to add more control over your sound.

MXL also has a Shotgun Microphone to go on top of DSLR camera bodies, such as a Canon Rebel T4i. This microphone is great and adds a little more dynamics to your home movies by capturing a better sound quality than the built-in microphone on your camera. It just affixes onto the camera's hot shoe and plugs right into the microphone slot on the side, making for an easy installation for professional quality.

Apple iPad Mini

For those willing to go big or go home, Apple released the smaller version of its iPad this year, providing a new level of Christmas spirit for a smaller price than its full-size iPad. It´s amazing what just shaving a couple inches off will do for the ease of use with this tablet. Not only does it fit well in the hand, it actually makes it easier to fit inside a purse or a coat pocket.

All of the products above are great last minute gift ideas, and can fulfill any gadget geek's expectations. Also, stay tuned to redOrbit during the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show for those items you may want to add to your own Christmas list next year, and to also keep up with all the hot products that will be making your current devices obsolete.