LG Announces Two New Google TVs
December 24, 2012

LG Announces New Google TVs Just In Time For 2013 CES Debut

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

With the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) around the corner, it´s only natural that companies start revving up the latest and greatest in the television market weeks before, and that's exactly what LG is doing with its newest announcement of two new Google TVs.

LG announced it will be offering a 55-inch and 47-inch LED television, GA7900, and a 60-inch and 42-inch series called GA6400.

“LG is committed to providing diverse home entertainment options that offer the most satisfying user experience and the latest LG Smart TVs with Google TV do just that,” Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said in a press statement. “They deliver a stellar user experience by merging the latest Google TV platform with LG´s proven Smart TV technology. The result is a comprehensive system that is groundbreaking in its simplicity.”

The GA7900 series features an edge-lit LED with local dimming, and a 240Hz refresh rate, while the GA6400 series includes a 120Hz refresh rate.

"LG applied its CINEMA SCREEN design to its 2013 premium GA7900 series to offer a sleek, modern look for discerning consumers who want the Google experience, but don´t want to sacrifice on aesthetics," the company wrote in their statement. "This design further minimizes width of the bezel, giving the TV a streamlined appearance while creating the impression of a borderless display."

The new televisions by LG will include a QWERTY remote control and natural speech recognition, and will also use a version of Honeycomb 3.2. This software enables users to use tablet and smartphone apps on their TV.

LG said the entire user interface can be navigated using the Magic Qwerty Remote, which will help users browse through more than 100,000 available movies and TV episodes on LG Google TV.

"LG Google TV aims to redefine the user experience," according to the statement. "The new Home Dashboard offers varied types of 'cards' that act as folders to display apps and other content. The new 'My Interest' Card can even display useful information including real-time weather and customizable news."

The LG Smart TV with Google TV offers connectivity options for a variety of devices, and allows devices to be paired up with the software over a home network Wi-Fi.

LG said it will be officially introducing the televisions at next month's 2013 CES in Las Vegas at the Convention Center. RedOrbit will be covering this event, giving you the latest details and reviews on products like this line of TVs, as well as others being announced at the event.