Christmas Eve Outage Hits Netflix Customers
December 25, 2012

Netflix Went Down On Christmas Eve, Was Amazon To Blame?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

As pointed out by numerous Tweets, the timing of Netflix´s service outage could not have been worse.

Not only do we tend to distract ourselves and our families with mindless movies and television as a way to stay far away from the uncomfortable topics of conversation which are usually associated with family gatherings, we also give gifts to these family members – gifts which can be used to further access said movies and television.

Therefore, when Netflix streaming subscribers tried to access the service from their Apple TVs or Xbox 360s or even a new tablet, they were sorely disappointed when they realized there would be no movies that evening. At least, not via Netflix.

According to multiple news sources and a virtual sea of Tweets, the service in the United States started to wobble as early as 3:30 PM EST, likely as many began to hunt for their favorite holiday movies as family arrived.

It wasn´t until much later on Christmas Eve that a company spokesperson addressed the issue, blaming Amazon for preventing “Some, but not all” devices from accessing movies on Netflix.

"Netflix is down for some customers this Christmas Eve, thanks to an outage of some of Amazon's cloud infrastructure," Tweeted the company spokesperson.

Like many other companies. Netflix operates on Amazon´s Web Service, or AWS.

This isn´t the first time AWS has suffered an outage this year. These previous outages have affected social services such as Foursquare, Instagram and Pinterest.

When services like these go down for any amount of time, places like Facebook and Twitter are a good place to watch the impending storm.

As nearly every Twitter user has pointed out, (even Netflix themselves) this outage came at a particularly bad time. This led many to make the common observation (this observation can also be found in the intro of this article) that many would rather distract themselves with movies and TV than have real interactions with their family. Several Twitter users were clever and gave some variation of the “Amazon gave Netflix a lump of coal” joke which was a welcome reprieve from the usual fodder.

At the time of this writing, Netflix appears to be back online for several devices, meaning these families can once again distract themselves from one another or simply provide some background noise as they celebrate the holidays in their own particular idioms.