Japanese Firm To Lease Private Security Drones
December 28, 2012

Japanese Security Firm Secom To Launch Private Drone Service

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Japanese security firm Secom said on Thursday that it plans to lease private security drones to clients in 2014.

The drones will be programmed to take flight at the first sign of trouble and record footage of break-ins and other crimes in real time.

The video feed will be live-streamed to Secom and used to assist the company´s staff in evaluating the situation before deploying live agents, or in some cases a robotic sentinel.

“The flying robot could take off if our online security systems detect any unauthorized entry,” said Secom spokeswoman, Asuka Saito, in an interview with the AFP news agency.

“It would enable us to quickly check out what´s actually happening on the spot.”

The Secom drone is based on a model provided by Germany's Ascending Technologies and includes four sets of rotors, Secom-developed software, a camera and other devices, Saito said. Weighing just three-and-a-half pounds, the two-foot wide device will allow Secom staff to monitor areas left uncovered by static cameras.

Secom´s clients in Japan will be able to lease the drone for around $58 per month beginning some time after April 2014.

Saito said the company hopes to launch the service in other countries as well.