ContagionSurvival.com Releases Product Video for Pandemic and Terrorist Threats

January 2, 2013

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threats require appropriate preparedness measures. ContagionSurvival.com carries masks, hoods, isolation suits and evacuation equipment for the general public.

Tarzana, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

A new video from ContagionSurvival.com highlights the gear available to the general public to protect families from the threats and exposure to CBRN´s (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear). It briefly covers what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) believes may happen during a devastating worldwide pandemic, from the spread of the disease to the breakdown of society.

“The overuse of antibiotics by doctors as well as the food industry are aiding in the development of more virulent strains of viruses,” says a Contagion Survival company spokesman. “Medications have gotten into our water systems that organisms use to build up immunity, and the longer a virus takes for symptoms to present themselves, the greater the chance the virus will spread to more people before we know we are even getting sick. If you´re not prepared ahead of time with proper equipment, you´re chances of getting sick will increase when you have to leave your home to forage grocery stores for supplies.”

ContagionSurvival.com has Pandemic Quick Kits starting below ten dollars, with some of their more serious systems listing for more than a thousand. Their Sentinel XL System and S-Cape Hoods even provide complete protection from chemical agents like sarin or mustard gas, small pox, dirty bombs and radioactive leaks. They also sell smoke escape hoods, powered respirators and complete contagion kits containing everything a family might need.

“We live in a potentially dangerous world with aging nuclear power plants, worldwide pandemics and terrorist threats,” the spokesman continues. “Why should government and international agencies have access to protective gear and not the general public? What family wouldn´t want to have the same level of respiratory products and isolation suits as their own government?”

ContagionSurvival.com and PowerSurvival.com are websites belonging to FirstAidGlobal.com. They have been in the preparedness business more than fifteen years and can be reached toll free at 866-305-1753.

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