iOS 6 Do Not Disturb Returns Inexplicably On January 7
January 3, 2013

Do Not Disturb Feature Should Start Working Again On January 7: Apple

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

There´s something very odd about a company who insists that the clock in every one of their smartphone and tablet ads reads 9:41, yet consistently run into problems when these devices change the time.

Apple is known as a stickler for detail, for ensuring that even the smallest of points have been covered. Yet, it seems that at least once a year after daylight savings or at the beginning of the year something goes amiss in the code and millions of iPad and iPhone users miss appointments and phone calls.

The most recent issue occurred when the clocks struck midnight this week. Apple´s new Do Not Disturb feature (a setting in iOS 6 which blocks unwanted alerts and phone calls) became stuck, blocking emails and text messages long past the user-defined time.

The jokes, unfortunately, wrote themselves. Now, Apple has said that on January 7, DND will once again perform as expected, magically.

It just so happened that people in other parts of the world were beginning to notice this issue around the same time Apple released their first ad featuring the sisters Williams (Venus and Serena) touting the new DND feature.

Apple announced DND this year with iOS 6, a feature which seemed like a nice touch more than an absolute necessity. iPad and iPhone users can turn the feature on and off manually (in fact, they absolutely have to for the next few days) or set up specific windows of time in which DND begins to block incoming traffic. To ensure that no one misses a really important phone call, DND allows incoming calls from a users´ “favorite” list. Additionally, users can also choose to let the second call from the same number within 3 minutes go through unmolested.

When DND inexplicably stopped working as it should for many iOS 6 users, Apple and Apple-themed forum boards began to light up as users explained how they turned the phone off and on again, reset their device, toggled airplane mode once or twice, or even tried updating to the latest software to fix the issue.

Yesterday, Apple finally acknowledged this problem (albeit only somewhat) when they released a statement entitled “iOS 6: Do Not Disturb mode stays on after scheduled time.”

Just as inexplicably as DND stopped working, Apple has said (without explanation) that it will simply begin working again after January 7.

Until then, users can get the core functionality out of the feature by simply toggling DND on and off manually in settings.

Though Apple has said this issue will be fixed, they have not been entirely specific. Some sites have read this to say DND will begin working at 12:01 AM on January 7, while others have read it to say the feature will get back to work on 12:01 January 8.

Apple has also had problems in the past with other “automatic” clock switching feats. For instance, last New Year´s Day, many iOS users overslept when their iPad and iPhone alarm clocks failed to sound.

Luckily with this latest Apple bug, the native alarm clock app still sounds even if DND is turned on.