Kicking coach Michael Husted Selects Kickers and Punters for This Year’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl

January 6, 2013

Kicking coach Michael Husted has selected the two kickers and two punters who will participate in this year´s prestigious U.S. Army All-American Bowl; the nation´s premiere high school football game.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Kicking coach Michael Husted has selected the two kickers and two punters who will participate in this year´s prestigious U.S. Army All American Bowl; the nation´s premiere high school football game which will air on NBC, January 5, 2013 at 1pm ET.

Husted, who is a retired NFL kicker and the founder of the National Camp Series (NCS), one of the premiere kicking camps in the country, says he is honored to have the privilege of selecting the kickers and punters for this very important event.

“Our (NCS) partnership with All American Games, which runs FBU (Football University) and the US Army All American Bowl, provides us with the honor of selecting the kickers and punters for this prestigious game,” says Husted. “They have entrusted me to find, research, evaluate and select the best high school kickers and punters in the country.”

This year´s selections included kicker Jim Cooper and punter Jonny Townsend who will play for the East; and kicker Danny Carlson and punter Miles Bergner who will play for the West.

Husted says there was a great deal of talent to choose from, and one of the key components of selecting these kicking specialists was through the National Camp Series evaluation platform.

“With our Kicking IndeX(KIX) Player Rating System, we are able to accurately and objective rate these specialists,” says Husted.

But regardless the difficulty in choosing, Husted says each of these kicking specialists showed the talent necessary to be selected for this honor.

Regarding kicker Jim Cooper (who trains with NCS Associate Lee McDonald):

“We have followed Jim Cooper since he was a freshman, says Husted. “He is one of the most consistent kickers that we have ever seen. His technique is the same on each kick. His kickoffs are very strong and consistent. If he doesn’t get a touchback, he will give you kick that you can easily cover. He will have an outstanding college career.”

Regarding punter Jonny Townsend (who trains with NCS Associate Nick Fleming):

“Johnny Townsend is a prototypical punter,” says Husted. “He has good form, flexibility and strength. He is very consistent on his form, drops and gets up and through the ball excellent for his age. He has consistently come through huge in pressure situations.”

Regarding kicker Daniel Carlson:

“Daniel Carlson is probably one of the most polished kickers coming out of high school that we have seen,” says Husted. “He is a big strong athlete and he has solid technique. Those two together allows for him to make his kicks with little effort and hammer his kickoffs through the end zone.“

Regarding punter Miles Bergner:

“Miles Bergner has excellent form for a high school punter,” says Husted. “He is consistent with his drops. He gets amazing extension while staying compact with his technique. We have seen him put up NFL style numbers when punting and he will only continue to get better.”

The difficulty of being chosen was not lost on these young kicking specialists who all experienced a great deal of emotion when they found out they had been picked to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Kicker Jim Cooper was both excited and relieved when he found out.

“When I found out that I was selected to play in the game, I was overcome with happiness, emotion, and a big feeling of relief,” says kicker Jim Cooper. “I was really hoping to get picked for the game, so when I found out that I was selected, it was such a huge weight off my shoulders, because I was wondering for 5 years if I would be selected. Being selected to this game means the world to me.“

Punter Jonny Townsend says there was pride to be shared with both his school and his family.

“I was honored to be selected,” says Townsend. “It means a lot knowing that I will be representing my school and area. That only made me want to work harder to be the best I could be. Also, both of my grandparents served in the army during WWII and still come to all of my games.”

Kicker Danny Carlson said it was a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

“I was extremely excited to be selected,” says Carlson. “And I feel very blessed to have opportunity like this. It gives me opportunity to show my talent on new stage and a new platform. And it also shows that hard work, both on field and in weight room, pays off.”

And for punter Miles Bergner, well, the emotions were difficult to describe; but might have made good YouTube video.

“I practically went screaming around my house, I was just so excited,” says Bergner. “I had always dreamed of playing a big bowl game and this was my chance. Being chosen was such a surprise to me. I never thought that I would be selected to play because I didn´t think I had enough exposure. But what it means is the hard work and training paid off; all 7 years of it. It will be an honor to represent the pride and tradition of my school.”

Last year´s U.S. Army All-American Bowl marked the 12th anniversary of the game and drew a record crowd of 39,011. This year´s Bowl promises to provide the thousands in attendance, and millions more watching on NBC, an unforgettable look at the future of college and professional football.

The history and tradition of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl is unparalleled, highlighted by Heisman Trophy winners and more than 200 NFL players counted among its alumni. Throughout the years, the game has featured the nation´s most elite football players, providing a launching pad for college and NFL stars such as Andrew Luck, Jamaal Charles, Percy Harvin, and Patrick Peterson.

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