2013 International CES Unveiled Event Coverage
January 7, 2013

2013 CES Unveiled Event: What’s Hot This Year

Lee Rannals and Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

RedOrbit attended the "CES Unveiled LAS VEGAS" event on Sunday night, giving us the opportunity to catch a preview of some of the hot products that will be shown off throughout the very dramatic technology event this week.

Below are some products that jumped out at us during Sunday's preview show, and are just a peek into what you can expect to see on this website throughout the week as we surf exhibition floors and attend press conferences at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas.


Fitbug has announced 3 new products aimed at helping users live a healthier lifestyle via their favorite mobile devices. Fitbug Orb is a small and discrete button-sized Bluetooth device which keeps track of the wearer´s movements throughout the day and night. This information is then sent via Bluetooth to the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and newer iPads and iPod Touch models. Fitbug also claims the Samsung Galaxy S III will also soon be supported. The small size of the Orb allows users to wear it in 7 different ways, including embedded in a small clip, a neck pendant, or even on the wrist. The data collected from the Fitbug Orb can then be combined with other health and diet info to provide users with immediate feedback and improved support.


HAPILABS wants to bring a healthy and happy lifestyle to the world, one fork at a time. Noting that many people simply eat too quickly, inventor Jacques Lépine and HAPILABS have developed a fork which alerts you when you take too many bites in a certain amount of time. To use the HAPIfork, simply begin eating with it as you normally would. However, if you take too many bites, it will begin to vibrate gently whenever you place it to your lips. In doing so, HAPILABS hopes this will train your brain to eat slower in order to avoid having your teeth slightly rattled. The HAPIfork also keeps track of how many bites you took as well as the time at which you ate your last meal. This data can then be transferred to your computer via USB or to smartphone via Bluetooth. The software syncs up with an online Dashboard which monitors your eating habits. The HAPIfork is now available for pre-order and earned HAPILABS the 2013 CES Innovations Award for Design and Engineering.

Wilson Sleek Booster

Wilson Electronics aims to solve the problem of Not Enough Bars with their new line of cellular signal boosters. The Sleek 4G is a cradle which amplifies the available 4G signal to your mobile phone. This device is great for commuters who frequently get caught in dead zones with low to no service. As a happy side effect, your mobile phone won´t have to work so hard to find a strong signal, resulting in better battery life. The Sleek 4G has also been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree and is currently available at any Wilson´s reseller for $199.99.


Lilliputian Systems and Brookstone have teamed up to create what they claim to be the first fuel cell recharging system for all USB devices.

Called Nectar, this portable device is capable of providing up to 2 weeks of power to all manner of portable devices. Though the system makes use of actual fuel cells – butane, to be exact – it´s been approved for carry-on and regular use on board flights by both the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The fuel cells (or pods) can be thrown away once they´ve been depleted, and new pods start at $9.99. The whole kit starts at $299, includes one Pod, and will be available exclusively at Brookstone stores beginning this summer.

HzO WaterBlock

Too often we lose our favorite necessities of life to its arch enemy, H2O. Water and electronics are two forces that when they meet, prove to be a devastating outcome for the beholder. A new technology demonstrated during the Unveiled event at CES offers a weapon against these encounters.

HzO's WaterBlock technology keeps your electronic devices, such as iPhones, iPads, earbuds, cameras, or any other electronic devices, protected from water, without the need of a case. The beauty of this technology is that it has the ability to keep your smartphone safe-and-sound in the midst of an accidental dip in a pool, or just a run-in with bad weather. Unfortunately, the technology will need to be adapted by manufacturers before the consumer is able to get their device dunked in WaterBlock's handiwork. However, it is still a glimpse that there is hope in the future for those waterlogged devices.

Sensus Touch Sensitive Case

This piece of technology unleashed at CES offers a new dimension of touchscreen possibilities for iPhones. Sensus is an iPhone case that turns the back and sides of your device into touch-sensitive areas. Canopy, the creator, has made an SDK for developers to use in order to create applications that could be used alongside the device.

Whether it be gaming for hours on end, or using different spots on the phone for more control of the camera, Sensus offers limitless capabilities that your iPhone didn't have before. A spokesperson at the Unveiled event told redOrbit that Sensus is able to take more gesture commands than an iPhone's screen, saying it is capable of handling "as many digits as you can get" on the device.

Endliss LED Smart Case for iPhone 5

Endliss Technologies has created a case for iPhone 5 which not only turns alerts into brightly colored LED displays, it also doubles the phone´s battery life. The Endliss Hybrid iPhone 5 Battery Case boasts an LED display on the back of the case which utilizes the iPhone 5´s Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. When a user receives an incoming text message, phone call, or any other push notification alert, the back of the case lights up. Users can customize how the case lights up for each kind of notification as well. The Endliss Hybrid iPhone 5 Battery Case also contains a 200mAh battery which should double the life of the iPhone´s battery. This clever case has also earned Endliss the 2013 CES Innovations Award.

3DPCase by Sculpteo

Conventional gets boring after a while, and sometimes it seems as though most iPhone cases offer nothing but that. 3DPCase offers a new method for consumers to be creative and sculpt their own iPhone case creations. By using a "3D printing factory," users can download an app to create customized 3D printed iPhone cases.

All the user needs to do is open up the app, get a little creative juices flowing, and submit your future iPhone case design to Sculpteo. In just two- to four-days, you could have your masterpiece slapped onto your device for as little as $24.


Kubxlab has created a new line of cases for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which doubles the volume put out by the mobile devices. The Ampjacket is an easy-to-install case which cleverly channels the sound from the bottom of the device and directs to all areas of the device. In essence, this case does the same thing as placing your iPhone in an empty glass, only it looks much better doing it. Since the Ampjacket only works by directing the sound, it needs to power and no wires. The company suggests this new case is great not only for amplifying the music in a room, but also for playing games or conducting conference calls. The Ampjacket is available now from kubxlab.com for $34.95

3M Touch Systems

3M introduced an array of touchscreen tables this year at CES, and gave a sample of a few during the Unveiled event. The multi-touch tables and walls enable endless possibilities for any industry to utilize. On display, 3M showed off an 84" Multi-Touch Table that had been loaded up with software designed to teach kids at a Chicago museum about different light-spectrums. Images displayed on the table were able to be manipulated and moved through different light-spectrums, such as X-ray and Infrared. As you use your fingers to move the images across the Multi-Touch Table, the image would change according to which light spectrum you were pushing them through.


Korean company Enustech, Inc has released a new USB stick which is meant to bring the ease and functionality of Apple´s AirPlay to other devices, namely those devices running Android.

Like AirPlay, the Multishare USB Jak allows users to stream movies, music and videos from their smartphone to their television. The Jak takes this game a tad further, allowing the same content to be streamed to any device with a USB port, including computers, projectors, stereos and the like.

When paired with the app, (which is currently only available in the Google Play store) users can sync their content directly to the Jak. The host device then recognizes the Jak as a memory stick, allowing the content to be played directly from the device itself. Jak also allows users to bring their content in from the cloud, and can be paired with up to 20 smartphones, making it a great option for crowd-sourced party playlists. An iOS version of the app is not yet available, but Enustech claims they are only waiting to get the proper approval from Apple.

In Conclusion:

Don't find yourself out of the loop when it comes to knowing just how outdated your current device is about to be. Keep your browser tuned to redOrbit throughout the week to catch up on what latest-and-greatest technologies you will have to look forward to this upcoming year.