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Experts on Hand to Offer Relationship Advice After Christmas

January 7, 2013

LONDON, January 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Although Christmas is a time when lots of people look forward to spending time with
the family and with loved ones, others are put under considerable stress by the holiday
season. The team at Relationship.com [http://www.relationship.com ] is one of a number of
expert bodies keen to make sure people seek the right help and advice when it comes to
coping with Christmas.

Christmas can be an extremely emotional time of the year and existing relationships
are often put under a great deal of pressure because of the sheer intensity of the season.
Those with relationship problems often see their frustrations and stress levels enhanced
by the season.

Those who are not in relationships over the Christmas period often suffer emotional
stress too because of the loneliness they often feel when other families and couples
appear so invested in one another over the holidays. The team at Relationship.com is
encouraging people to seek expert support if Christmas becomes too much.

Relationship.com is a dating website that specialises in helping its users to find
meaningful and lasting relationships that are based on an emotional connection. The site
offers those into online dating a comprehensive network of advice and support when it
comes to all aspects of finding love and maintaining relationships.

However, the team is also keen to stress that when emotional problems, stress
problems, money problems and other domestic issues build up over the Christmas period;
people mustn’t suffer in silence and must use the various organisations out there that are
dedicated to providing discreet and professional support.

Those wishing to learn more about online dating moving into the new year are
encouraged to visit http://www.relationship.com where they are able to take advantage
of free membership to one of the world’s leading UK Online dating [http://relationship.com
] websites.

        Miranda Ryder

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