Griffin Helping To Transform Restaurant Industry With CES Showing
January 8, 2013

Griffin Helping To Transform Restaurant Industry With CES Showing

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

More and more, the restaurant industry has been gravitating to the tablet industry, and with the latest offering by Griffin, that adaptation is being made a little easier.

Griffin Technology announced at the 2013 International CES that it would be offering two point of sale solutions for everyday use in restaurant and retail establishments.

"iOS devices have become the de-facto point of sale standard for business owners everywhere," J. Curtis, Director of Griffin's B2B Product Development, said in a statement. "iPad-based POS solutions offer the ultimate in flexibility at a fraction of what traditional systems cost and we believe the hardware should follow suit".

Tablets are now being seen across the country in Salons, Bars, Coffee shops, and restaurants. Apple's iOS software coupled with multi-touch capabilities makes the iPad a great asset for this industry to use.

Griffin's iPad kiosks help to provide a new technology to advance these industries, and make the delicate devices durable enough for the tough job.

The company's new Kiosk Retail starts at just $299, and it features a built-in magnetic card reader with TDES encryption and DUKRT key management for security. The device displays an iPad 2 or iPad 3 inside an impact-resistant housing. All of the cables can be routed through the center of the steel armature for a clean look.

Griffin said it partnered with point of sale system providers ShopKeep POS and POSiOS as exclusive launch partners for Kiosk Retail. ShopKeep POS has an app for the iPad that gives merchants the power to run and analyze their business in an easy-to-use interface.

This point of sale system allows retailers to have an iPad solution that can swipe hundreds of credit cards per pay, and help merchants manage inventory, reports, and customers anywhere and anytime. This is the leading iPad point of sale system for specialty retailers.

POSiOS developed a restaurant POS app called Restaurant Butler that provides staff with an easy-to-use, customizable iPad cash register. This app enables multiple devices at a time, giving waiters mobility to place orders table side, and send to the kitchen in multiple languages.

Griffin said both ShopKeep and POSiOS have integrated Kiosk Retail hardware compatibility into their apps, and will be offering their solutions to merchants in February.

For those looking for a more mobile system, Griffin introduces AirStrap Retail. This $49 device supports MagTek's iDynamo credit card reader, which helps to ensure that card swipes are error free.

The AirStrap Retail protects the iPad with contoured grips and complete access to the iPad's controls and ports. A built-in strap makes it easier to hold the iPad with one hand, allowing the other hand to manipulate the touch screen or swipe cards.

It is accessories like these for the iPad that really brings the tablet devices into a full circle. No longer are they thought of as just e-readers and gaming devices, but also practical ways to advance the business world into modern form.

Image Below: How Griffin's POSIOS App looks on your iPad. Credit: Michael Harper for