CES 2013: Press Day Is Over, Let The Madness
January 8, 2013

CES 2013: Press Day Is Over, Let The Madness Begin

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

The 2013 International CES Press Day wrapped up last evening, kickstarting a slew of new topics for this upcoming week, and churning up plenty of interest over the next year for what is to come in the technology industry.

So far, the talk of the town seems to be "4k" and Ultra definition televisions. The notable companies, such as Sony, Samsung, LG and Sharp, have all had their say in what they anticipate the future being in the television industry.

Each of the companies not only had an array of next-generation TVs to offer consumers, but also plenty of future-generation ones that leave us only to gawk over for now.

Whether it be the gigantic 84-inch Ultra HD 4K television by LG, or Sony's 55-inch 4K OLED surprise, we have been left with slightly obtainable by some, and nothing but just a good tease by other manufacturers today.

The Ultra definition televisions are incredible to look at, but come at a price tag so high that only the super-rich and celebrities will be able to afford them. Meanwhile, Sony's 4K OLED prototype is just the gorgeous girl in gym class you knew would never give you the time of day. Companies at this event tend to show off products that either take plenty of years to hit the market, or never emerge at all.

LG will also be gathering a little attention with its high-definition split viewing technology it announced this week. By using a couple sets of glasses, viewers will be able to watch two high-definition programs at once on a single TV.

While televisions tended to dominate most of the headlines on Press Day, there have been plenty of honorable mentions to consider as well. Intel announced it would be helping out the emerging companies in terms of technology, by developing its Atom processor Z2420 specifically for that market. With this new smartphone platform, phones in that market will be able to play with the big dogs, but for a smaller price.

Lexus gave everyone a peak at what it has been testing out with its driverless car technology at its research labs. The Lexus LS featured during the press conference was packed full of hardware for scientists to digest, and help create the next generation of vehicles with, promoting both a safer experience, and a ton of new features to make driving that much easier.

A handy little device known as Nio was demonstrated during a Power Session on Press Day. This tiny iPhone accessory is able to not only keep track of your device, but also help you keep track of your purse, dog or anything else you are able to keep it clipped to.

Sony stepped up its game in the smartphone market with the announcement of the Xperia Z. Perhaps what separates this smartphone apart from other brands is its ability to be used in the shower or bath without getting waterlogged and going dead.

Samsung not only dove into the expected TV talks and smartphone updates, but also showed off its latest technology in home appliances, updating everything from washers to refrigerators. One item in particular the company announced was an oven capable of baking two items at different temperatures at the same time.

For the rest of the week, we still have smart watches, smart glasses, and 3D printers to look forward to at this event we have yet to even lay our eyes on. Tomorrow starts the whole CES experience, and you can expect to find anything worth reading here on redOrbit throughout the week.