Sharp Shows Off Prototype Ultra Definition At 2013 CES Show
January 8, 2013

Sharp Shows Off Prototype Ultra Definition At 2013 CES Show

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Sharp joined the ranks with its announcements on Press Day at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, stepping forth into the Ultra Definition battle zone.

Televisions have been dominating lots of the media attention at CES for many years, particularly since HDTV and flat-panel technologies started blossoming. A few years ago, the focus began to shift to 3D technologies, and while it is still a relevant topic this year, Ultra Definition is the new trending topic at CES.

Ultra Definition televisions are still a few years away from the mass consumer market, because as of now most television are too ridiculously priced. However, it will only be a few short years the term HDTV will seem as outdated as advertising "color television" at Motels.

Sharp is joining companies like LG who are producing this Ultra HD technology, previously known as "4K." The company is showcasing a prototype AQUOS Ultra HD TV during the event, which offers that same ridiculous resolution that is so compact with pixels it'd hard to believe you weren't looking through a window when watching shows.

The bad news about this new Ultra HD resolution TV at CES is that it is just a prototype, and not something with a $20,000 price tag like LG's new 84-inch television. The good news is that it looks as though Sharp will be bringing the new technology to two 32-inch monitors in February.

Part of the announcement of the Ultra HD technology involved Sharp's proprietary IGZO technology. This technology is claimed to increase the amount of light transmitted per pixel.

Sharp said in a statement that "these advanced displays portray vibrant and crisp content with the ability to zoom in to examine the detail of a picture or text, or pan out to view content from a wider angle. This can help boost operational efficiency and reduce eyestrain by sparing users the need to scroll frequently."

Sharp also unveiled a few new large screen LED televisions at the event, including 60-inch, 70-inch, 80-inch and 90-inch models.

“It´s simple — consumers want big screens with excellent picture quality, something that Sharp is uniquely able to deliver,” said John Herrington, President of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “We´re gearing up to extend our leadership in the large screen LED TV market with our finest AQUOS lineup ever, including more choices in large screen LED TVs, more Quattron models and iconic designs.”

Sharp unveiled nearly twenty 60-inch plus TVs at the press conference, with models that feature a slim design and its "Quattron" technology. Part of the TV announcements included a few models that promote active 3D technology, helping to deliver twice the resolution of passive 3D with Bluetooth glasses.

Look for Ultra Definition televisions to be part of the talk of the town here in Las Vegas as this year's CES kicks off.