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9Solutions Solar Energy Powered Indoor Positioning Solution Shortens Locating System Deployment Time From Months to Days

January 8, 2013

OULU, Finland, January 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

9Solutions, the world leader in advanced Bluetooth(R) and cloud technology based
indoor positioning solutions, today announced solar energy powered real time tracking
solution. The new technology shortens deployment time of enterprise wide solutions from
months to days. The IPCS Zero(TM) solution offers 10 years of maintenance free operating
time without external power source.

The new IPCS Zero(TM) is the answer to the biggest hurdle in setting up indoor real
time tracking solutions – the amount of work required to install and maintain the system.
System deployment must be fast and non-obstructive as to not harm daily operations of the
customer. Fast installation means that the hospital can start earning sooner: Return on
RTLS investment in majority of cases is less than a year. All Time spent during deployment
means excess cost to the customer.

“9Solutions IPCS real time locating system can be deployed in 50-100 rooms per day,”
says 9Solutions CEO Sami Herrala. “This is amazing, but it can be done because deployment
of the new IPCS Zero(TM) takes only minutes. The wireless system is now really wireless -
for the first time in the history of indoor positioning solutions.”

“9Solutions continues to deliver innovative products for real time location services
using technology from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI),” says Sid Shaw, worldwide
business development and marketing manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, TI. “The IPCS
Zero(TM) provides a reliable, self-powering system using TI’s CC2540 Bluetooth(R) low
energy solution and bq25504 energy harvesting IC to simplify installation and

About 9Solutions

9Solutions is an international hi-tech company having HQ in Oulu, Finland and sales
offices in Helsinki, Duesseldorf and London. 9Solutions develops, manufactures real time
locating solutions based on Bluetooth(R) and cloud technologies. 9Solutions offers
advanced safety-and asset management solutions to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools.

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