CES 2013: Griffin Caters To Musicians On The Go With Lightning
January 8, 2013

CES 2013: Griffin Caters To Musicians On The Go With Lightning

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Griffin is no stranger to releasing popular accessories for all things Apple. The company has shown no signs of slowing down either, releasing a slew of new products during this year´s CES event.

One such product, the StudioConnect with Lightning, caters towards the musicians who want to create beautiful music on the go. This new accessory is also one of the first and few to be granted Apple´s blessing to use the all-new, all digital Lightning port found on iPhone 5, iPad mini and fourth generation iPad.

GarageBand has given musicians of all talents the ability to create studio quality music at a fraction of the cost of a recording studio,” explained Ethan Opelt, the Line Manager for Griffin´s Audio Category, in the press statement. “With our lineup of music accessories, artists can easily connect their instruments to a digital audio interface and create on the go.”

With the StudioConnect, Lightning-enabled iPad users can plug their guitars (or any other instrument with MIDI-Out or Stereo Audio) into their tablet by way of Griffin´s new accessory. In doing so, these players can lay down their own tracks virtually anywhere, all on the iPad. While these musicians are laying down their new tracks, they can rest easy knowing their iPad can also be charged through the same device. This new musically minded accessory also features a line-level RCA stereo output and stereo headphone output with a separate volume control for each.

The company claims this new accessory is very simple to use and integrate into your current mobile recording rig, should you already be accustomed to recording with GarageBand for iPad. All instruments or any other form of input goes through a mono 1/4-inch jack. A mixer can also be plugged in via a 1/8-inch jack. Audio is output via the line-level RCA plugs, easy as pie. MIDI-In is just as easy: Simply plug in through the standard 5-pin DIN MIDI-In port.

Apple has yet to bestow their blessing on many third-parties to use their new, fancy Lightning port. That Griffin gets an early pass is no surprise, yet it´s still a small sign of progress on Apple´s part. At least now we know they´re willing to let a few companies take a peek at their new technology from the inside.

Though Griffin announced this new product this week for CES, it won´t be available until this spring. Once it does become available, you´ll be able to pick it up from “select retailers” for $149.99.