CES 2013: Griffin PowerDock 5 Charges 5 Devices At A Time
January 8, 2013

CES 2013: Griffin PowerDock 5 Charges 5 Devices At A Time

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

There are some ideas which sound truly amazing, offering a solution to a particular problem with brilliant simplicity. Unfortunately, sometimes these ideas simply don´t translate once they cross the divide from drawing board to actual working device.

Case in point: Griffin´s new PowerDock 5, a device capable of charging up to 5 Lightning-enabled iOS devices at a single time.

For those Apple-fans who are fortunate enough to live in a 5 Lightning household, the PowerDock 5 certainly won´t be a burden.

Just as it sounds, this new charging device from Griffin safely stows away these devices while it recharges their precious batteries.

Additionally, this new dock won´t turn down any device, such as a 4th gen iPad, locked away in a case.

And yet, while this device certainly “sounds” like a good idea, it´s little more than a modified envelope caddy on top of a USB hub. To add a little extra something (very little) the PowerDock 5 can also stow away those extra, dangling Lightning cords when not in use.

At nearly $100 a piece, those frugal iOS owners might be better served to try and devise their own, homegrown solution to charging an iPad mini, 4th gen iPad, iPhone 5, iPod Touch and new iPod Nano.

Then again, if each of these 5 devices exists within one household, it´s entirely likely money might not be much of an object.

It´s also worth mentioning that those brave enough to strike out on their own and create a more affordable solution won´t be able to put a price on the satisfaction that comes from building your own thing.

Elsewhere in power-management technology from Griffin, the company has released a pair of chargers which are smart enough to know how much power is needed to properly charge a particular device.

The PowerBlock Universal with ChargeSensor plugs into a wall and can safely charge any manner of USB devices, including Android smartphones & tablets and Kindles.

The PowerJolt Universal with ChargeSensor does the same thing when plugged into a 12 volt accessory plug, such as one might find in an automobile. All three of these power management solutions from Griffin will ship in the spring of 2013. The PowerBlock will cost $29.99, while the PowerJolt will start at $24.99.