Samsung Announces LTE-Ready Galaxy Note 10.1 At CES 2013
January 8, 2013

Samsung Announces LTE-Ready Galaxy Note 10.1 At CES 2013

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Samsung released their latest 10-inch tablet late this summer in the Galaxy Note 10.1. Though this slab device shipped with an impressive quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, there was one feature which many users felt was sorely lacking: 4G LTE.

Today during their lengthy and announcement-packed CES press event, Samsung revealed that this stylus-happy tablet will finally ship with the next-generation wireless connectivity on Verizon´s LTE network.

Just as it has always been, Samsung is pushing the stylus as a feature for this LTE-ready tablet, offering a customized version of Android 4.1 as well as some pre-packaged photo-editing tools.

Like many other companies before them, Samsung has yet to announce exactly when users will be able to buy one of these radio-ready tablets, noting only that it will begin shipping “sometime” this month.

The Korean company is also continuing their push to let companies know their devices are “Enterprise Ready,” touting their own “SAFE” seal of approval. According to a press statement: “Samsung SAFE smartphones and tablets provide stronger security to corporate employees using IT policy management through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), top-tier, multi-vendor Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, as well as on device encryption (ODE).”

When it was first released last August, the Wi-Fi only Note 10.1 shipped in an entry-level 16 GB configuration at $499. The tablet topped out at 32 GB of internal storage for $549.

The S-Pen stylus remains the divisive factor when discussing these tablets. There are those that swear by this electronic pen, using it to take notes, make their own captions to photos, and drag around multiple windows and more. (The Note 10.1 can run multiple apps simultaneously)

Yet, there are those who feel the stylus is not only an unnecessary gimmick, but a distraction from the way a fluid interface should ideally work.

As it´s such an integral part of the tablet, it´s likely those who dislike the S-Pen shy away from the entire device.

Samsung said it will have these 10.1 tablets available at their CES booth this week.