Credit Card Powered By Battery Rediscovered At CES
January 9, 2013

Credit Card Powered By Battery Rediscovered At CES

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

One of the great things about CES isn't necessarily always hearing about new products, but discovering some that may have already been around for a bit.

Dynamics ePlate is one of those products, geared for consumers who love to gain some extra perks while spending money on a credit card.

The battery-powered device acts as a credit card, but has two buttons that can be selected to receive rewards from purchases.

The rewards can be changed online through a smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to be able to manage multiple points from various vendors.

All a user has to do is sign on to their account online, then select whether they want a particular vendor to be the first or second button on the device. After making these selections, you can either select the first or second button on the device to make sure the purchases go towards those rewards.

Dynamics ePlate is the world's first fully card-programmable magnetic stripe, and it can be read at any existing point-of-sale magnetic stripe reader.

Any information can be changed at any time, and the technology does not require any change to the magnetic stripe readers, nor does it require merchants to be educated about it.

The device is thin, flexible and durable, and the battery can last for three years on a single charge. The device includes a number of peripheral management circuits that are directed to power management, timing and control.

Worried about dipping the electronic credit card in water? Don't be, because its waterproof.

Some of the rewards include Coffee of the Month, which rewards you with a month of coffee for every $1500 spent on a card. There is even a Facebook experience application with it, allowing you to earn 3/4 Dynamics Credits for every $1 spent on Facebook.