Otterbox Showcases New iPhone Armor Cases At CES 2013
January 9, 2013

Otterbox Showcases New iPhone Armor Cases At CES 2013

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Otterbox was in attendance at the 2013 International CES this week in Las Vegas, showcasing some of its newer products to keep iPhones safe, dry and full of power.

The heavy-duty iPhone case company unveiled its iON Intelligence iPhone case with automatic power management, and Defender protection, at its booth at CES.

While there are already products that keep your iPhone charged into the wee-hours of the evening, this case does so in a couple of uniquely-Otterbox ways. First off, the case only gives your phone what it needs in terms of power.

Unlike other manufacturers, Ottberbox's iON Intelligence case will only start to provide your phone with a little more battery power when it drops below 100 percent, with no need to flip any switches.

An app available for the iPhone can help monitor how much power is transferred between the iPhone, and the 1,450mAh pack inside the Defender casing. The heavy-duty battery case also has just one micro-USB charger for both your phone, and your case, leaving one more charger out of the equation when considering other similar devices.

Otterbox also unveiled its Armor Series iPhone 5 cases, capable of withstanding more than anyone would be able to dish out at their beloved buddy. This case is able to protect your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 from water, dust and impacts that it may have not survived beforehand.

While most of the everyday handlers may not experience those things, this case ensures that if you happen to jump in a pool without realizing your phone is in your pocket, or maybe just toss it out of a car to get run over, it could survive.

The case ensures that an iPhone is able to survive any 10-foot drops, and withstand up to 2 tons of pressure. Also, if you feel like going in for a 6.6-foot dive in your neighbor´s pool for 30 minutes or less, Otterbox says it'll survive that as well.

The company also touts that the Armor case for the iPhone will let "zero" dust get into your phone. Meaning that you won't have to take your iPhone out of its case once a week to try and get all those little particles out of there so you can see your screen again.

The Armor cases are still in the "prototype" stage, but are close to being a finished product.