Slingbox Partners With Dish Network To Bring Content To The Masses
January 9, 2013

Slingbox Partners With Dish Network To Bring Content To The Masses

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Dish and Slingbox have quite a presence at this year´s CES in Las vegas, announcing a new partnership which brings their customers´ favorite recorded content to their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Last year, Dish Network announced Hopper, a feature which enabled multi-TV households to have access to the same recorded content, regardless of where the DVR is located.

This new announcement takes this recorded content outside of the home, bringing your favorite shows to any Internet-connected device. Dish customers who want to load up their iPad with their favorite shows before a flight can even download their recorded content onto their device using the Hopper Transfers app.

This kind of functionality has been begged for ever since the iPad first debuted in 2010. Slowly but surely, content providers are beginning to entrust those tablet users with the ability to consume content on their own terms.

“Last year, Hopper delivered the DISH TV experience to multiple rooms. This year, we top that and deliver it anywhere,” explained Dish CEO Joseph Clayton in a press statement during this week´s CES festivities.

“With Hopper, the value equation for pay TV becomes radically different. Customers pay only once for their content and can access it anywhere they choose, in the home, or on the go,” he noted.

According to Dish, this functionality will be built into each new Hopper with Sling device, enabling both Android and iOS devices the ability to stream this content from anywhere with an Internet Connection. Dish customers on a Laptop can access this content via Dish Anywhere.

Finally, Dish also jumped on board a great and overwhelming trend at this year´s CES– the ability to stream photos and videos from a smartphone or tablet to the household television.

With these technologies installed, customers will be able to “fling” their movies, music and photos to their television screens.

It seems as if companies are now either willing or have figured out how to give their customers the ability to consume content in ways they want to. It´s an advancement which Dish´s vice president Vivek Khemka hopes will make Dish customers happy to use the service.

“Consumers want to access the shows they pay for on their mobile devices and only the Hopper meets that demand,” said Khemka in a press statement.

“Our new Hopper with Sling simply makes it easier for our subscribers to watch their favorite programs on the go.”