Pogo Connect One-Ups Its Older Stylus Sibling At CES
January 9, 2013

Pogo Connect One-Ups Its Older Stylus Sibling At CES

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

One of the many cool iPad accessories found among the sweeping ocean that is CES is the Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus. You´ve probably heard of the Pogo Sketch Pro, another lovely stylus from the fine folks at Ten One Design. The Sketch Pro stylus was particularly useful, taking input from all angles on the iPad as well as looking like a well-crafted pen, fit for any executive office.

The Pogo Connect has a few extra tricks up its sleeve, one-upping its older sibling.

This new stylus from Ten One Design is completely pressure sensitive, meaning the harder you press on your iPad´s screen, the bolder the line is that is drawn. Therefore, a light touch translates into a very thin line while a firmer press results in a thick, bold mark. Ten One has a patent pending piece of technology they call the Crescendo Sensor which can read as little as zero grams of force. Like the Pogo Sketch before it, the Connect also works at all angles.

Another cool trick: The Connect calls upon the power of Bluetooth 4.0, meaning the triple A batteries will rarely need to be replaced. Should you forget to turn off the Connect after a session of cranking out some clever doodles, you can rest easy knowing that the stylus is barely sipping power. Aside from extreme power conservation, the Bluetooth 4.0 radios also speak directly to the iPad, so just in case you happen to lose something that´s not much larger than an average pen, you should be able to locate it once more using the iPad.

The Connect and iPad get along quite splendidly, allowing the user to rest their meaty palms right on the screen as they scribble and write. With other styles, you have to make sure not to touch any area of the screen, so as to not confuse the input coming from the stylus.

The Connect uses some key portions of the iOS SDK, removing any of these distractions and reading only the input from the pen. A small button at the bottom of the stylus can also be tapped to undo the previous stroke, should it have gone awry.

Also helpful: A small LED light can display exactly what color you´re about to splash across the screen, in case you´ve forgotten.

After playing with the Pogo Connect for a few minutes and receiving a brief demonstration on the CES floor, I found myself asking where I could pick one up today. I had always thought the notion of a stylus with the iPad would be foolish, if not downright blasphemous. Yet, the Pogo Connect by Ten One Design has swayed my opinions. Now I wonder how I´ll get along without one.