Thomas Edison Makes An Appearance At CES 2013 As A Ghost
January 9, 2013

Thomas Edison Makes An Appearance At CES 2013 As A Ghost

[Watch Video: CES Attendees Find Themselves In Presence Of Ghost]

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Thomas Alvas Edison made a ghostly appearance at the 2013 International CES, fascinating all those who stopped by the IEEE booth.

IEEE set up a projector, and a humidifier to create the ghost of Thomas Edison during the event at their exhibition booth.

As the inventor talked about how attendees needed to vote on which electronics would be outdated soon, people could run their hands through the ghostly image, as if black magic was at play.

Exhibitors do all sorts of gimmicks, and deck out their booths with plenty of pizzazz to try and get you sucked into their booth each year, but this demonstration could be taking the cake for this year.

At first glance, the display looked as though some company had created a hologram technology. But, as you step closer to the booth, you realize it is no hologram at all, but the ghost of the inventor of the light bulb.

After more examination, you can really see the simple, yet clever design behind the ghost. An actor was used to play Edison, and the filmmakers obviously used some type of Sepia tint to try and make the film look a little older.

The actor was wearing black pants, so that about halfway down the image you don't see legs, but smoke from the humidifier.

The projector was aimed perfectly where the humidity would hit the midst, creating the smoky look, and projecting the ghostly image of the well played Edison for all onlookers to see.

During the demonstration, he was explaining the IEEE content to try and figure out which electronics products used today would be outdated tomorrow. Edison invited guests to step behind the booth, and enter in their information for a chance to win an iPad.

Tapping the "tombstone" brought up a screen to cast votes for the soon-to-be-extinct electronics, or as IEEE put it, the "Gadget Graveyard."

We posted a couple of videos of Thomas Edison's appearance at the event, including one of an attendee running her hands through the image. Check back with redOrbit for any other strange happenings taking place on the 2013 CES floor.