Samsung Bluetooth DA F60 Misses The Mark
January 9, 2013

CES 2013: Samsung Misses Quality Sound Mark With Bluetooth DA F60

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Samsung has been amazing at making televisions the past few years, and really great at making smartphones. However, one thing the company tries hard at, and always fails, is making speakers.

Samsung's Bluetooth DA F60 portable speaker system tries really hard to compete with similar players, such as what Bose has to offer, but fails at it.

The company hasn't announced the price point for the unreleased music box yet, which could remain its only redeeming factor.

The display at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show promotes the product really well; pointing out Samsung always does a nice job on the eye candy. However, the lower-end on this device only knows loud and harsh.

Some of the abilities, which are not unique aside from the NFC technology, work really well for its design. Any portable, wireless speaker system, especially put out by a company like Samsung, should garner some attention.

The sound quality coming out of the device wasn't at all horrible; it just wasn't on par for what Samsung is trying to push out. Granted, again the price point hasn't been determined yet, but the thing is trying to be a mid-level portable speaker system if I've ever seen one, and that is a range with a lot of players right now.

The device's high-end pushed out very clear, but with just as much harshness as the bass was outputting. There was nothing smooth about the sound quality, nothing that said it would be good for a variety of genres.

Essentially, unless you are just a huge fan of dubstep and don't plan on listening to anything else, then this music player will not be for you. However, if Samsung decided to price it under $100, then it might be one of the best options, but this won't happen. Samsung will more than likely push this device for $249 to $299.

If just technology is your gimmick, and worth sacrificing sound quality for, then you may be just the consumer Samsung was hoping for. However, if your main reason for buying a portable speaker system is to listen to music, on a quality system, then stick to the Bose Soundlink.