redOrbit Reviews The Sony 4k OLED Prototype
January 9, 2013

CES 2013: Hands-On With Sony’s Dreamy 4K OLED TV Prototype

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Today, I got the chance to really spend some time with Sony's 4K OLED television at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, and all it left was a void in my heart.

Sony's 4K OLED television is just a prototype, meaning it will most likely not hit the market anytime soon, or maybe not at all.

The television is the world's largest, and first 4K OLED TV, and quite possibly the best picture anyone could've seen.

Black levels in the television pop like no other, but do not overpower the colors, which are all brilliant. As a demonstration video playing on the TV showed a fly-over view of New York, I felt like it was just a window on a helicopter.

This is the first television I have ever seen that was able to take a third-party out of the picture and place you right where the picture is. So often we look at TVs and still are well aware we are not in the location we are watching. However, Sony's 4K OLED brings that barrier down.

Lots of 4K televisions have been displayed at the 2013 International CES so far, but none come close to what this OLED picture is able to offer. Sure, if it wasn't for the Sony prototype, then I would be writing the same for the other displays. However, that television came out, and thus this awe-factor was born.

While Samsung spits out great looking televisions for the home, Sony has created something that we can only dream about owning for now. Not even a $20,000 check will bring this 55-inch television to your home.

The television picture is so good, it makes my camera look like I was taking a photo of a city through a window, rather than snapping an image of a television display.

As technology continues to evolve, and OLED tries to latch on, this offering by Sony will be the golden child for a while. We can only hope that there is more to come, and sooner than later.