COOKOO Smartwatch Combines Inner Dork And GQ
January 9, 2013

CES 2013: COOKOO Smartwatch Made For Both GQ And Geeks Alike

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

One new smartwatch aims to please the fashionistas out there who wish to have an accessory that is both pleasing to the eye and full of technology.

The COOKOO smartwatch is a designer watch with an analog movement, but a connected digital display to help keep people just that much more attached to their smartphone.

I had a peek at the new watches while spending time on the floor at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, and by doing so I just added a new want on my "latest-and-greatest" gadget list.

The new smartwatch has a sleek look and comes in multiple colors so it can fit a style for any category. COOKOO's analog face on the watch makes it more desirable than other smartwatches, simply because it combines your inner dork with your inner GQ

By using the COOKOO App available in the App Store, watch wearers will be able to perform a variety of functions without the need to pull a phone out of their pocket.

COOKOO is able to notify the user of incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook messages and posts, and calendar reminders.

Do you find yourself often walking off without your smartphone? Well, COOKOO is able to alert you when you have gone too far away from your iPhone. It also lets the wearer know when the device has a low battery.

COOKOO also has a customizable button so users can take advantage of the watch's Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. With the customizable button, people are able to page their missing device.

One of my favorite features the new COOKOO has to offer is wearers are able to use the customizable button to snap photos with their phone, thus making it easier to take group photos and not leaving someone out.

The programmable button can also be used for one-button Facebook check-ins or tagging a location on a map.

Everything smart is becoming a new trend, so it is nice to see that some companies not only care about the functionality with your smart device, but the way it looks on you.

The device does miss out on a few functions other smartwatches, like Pebble, are able to offer. However, these things could be changed with just a simple upgrade at next year's International CES.