CES 2013 Day Two Round Up: Some Hot, Some Not
January 10, 2013

International CES 2013 Round Up: Day 2

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

CES was in full stride on Wednesday, the second official day of the event. Never mind that many exhibitors and members of the press have been in town since Sunday´s CES Unveiled event and Monday´s complete barrage of press events, the showroom floor only came alive on Tuesday. On the following day, your redOrbit team covered as much ground as possible, observing several TVs which belong in either the “gigantic” or “smart” categories...sometimes both.

We also visited the larger booths from companies such as Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. We also spent some time at the smaller booths, finding both winners and losers across the board.

Day 2 at CES began with an announcement from the makers of the Pebble smart watch. Though the company ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign, they (like many other companies) were unable to deliver on time. On Wednesday, Pebble announced they´ll begin shipping all orders on January 23, with those patient backers receiving their orders first within 6-8 weeks.

There is another smart watch on the floor this week - the COOKOO. Like the Pebble, this watch pairs with your smartphone to deliver notifications and messages. Unlike Pebble, the COOKOO has only one analog face on its front. Both have their ups and downs, and both have a sharp design that will look great on anyone´s wrist.

Looking to televisions, Panasonic was showing off their new Swipe and Share technology which allows users to swipe a picture from a smartphone or tablet and display it on the television. Going one step farther, these Panasonic televisions come with a special pen with which to make edits to the picture right on the television screen. The gentleman giving the demo today showed this feature by drawing a yellow clown wig on a man posing with his family. The man, as best as I could tell, had done nothing to deserve such treatment.

The Panasonic booth also featured one of the ugliest sound systems I´ve ever seen in my entire life. Imagine, if you can, an early 90s CD player/Boombox, only 20 times larger. It wasn´t pretty.

The packed Samsung booth also had its fair share of win and fail, showing off some truly beautiful and enormous televisions.

Elsewhere in the booth were some Bluetooth speakers which did not impress. These things have been tuned to play nothing but bass it seems, and the thing nearly rattled right off the display.

Finally, anyone who wanted to be one of the first to get their hands on the new Sony Xperia Z had plenty of opportunity to do so at the Sony booth. The company had these phones in nearly every location, performing a myriad of tasks.

This booth also held a 4K OLED prototype television which may never actually make it to market ever. To say the TV needed to be seen to be believed would be a lie, because if you´ve ever looked out a window, you know what it´s like to watch this television. Seriously.

We´ll be back out on the floor Thursday, bringing you even more CES goodness from the showroom floor.