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Messaging Good Cheer Over the Festive Season and New Year

January 10, 2013

READING, England, January 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Acision reveals spike in global multimedia messaging usage over the seasonal

holiday period

Acision [http://www.acision.com ], the global leader in mobile messaging, today
announced spikes in MMS traffic of up to 424%* over the winter holiday period -
specifically on 24th December (Christmas Eve), 25th December (Christmas Day) and 31st
December (New Year’s Eve). Comparing data from different countries across Europe, North
America (NA), LATAM and APAC, Acision found a significant increase in the usage of MMS
across the globe, particularly the sharing of video content. This demonstrates the
enduring value of rich mobile messaging in mature and developing markets, regardless of
access to mobile broadband and connectivity to social networks and content sharing

In today’s socially savvy, connected world, growing numbers of mobile users look to
use visual content and pictures instantly to show what they are experiencing, whether that
be via picture and video applications such as Instagram and YouTube, social networks,
communities or via other messaging services. This trend was reinforced during the 2012
festive periods, where Acision witnessed surges in MMS traffic during celebratory times.

Spain, for example, saw MMS usage increase by 384% on Christmas Eve, when compared to
the same day the previous week. This was surpassed on New Year’s Eve, when MMS traffic
increased by 424%. A similar trend was seen in Argentina, where Acision monitored a 146%
increase on Christmas Eve, and a 133% rise on New Year’s Eve, with busiest hour of traffic
- midnight on New Year’s Day – increasing by 377%. In the US, MMS traffic increased by 78%
on Christmas Day, when compared to the same day a week earlier, and a 57% increase on New
Year’s Day.

Video clips proved to be the most popular form of multimedia content shared, with
video traffic increasing in Spain by an astounding 972% on 24th December 2012. This proves
the huge popularity by mobile users who want to share videos of festive activities and
good fortune with friends and family not able to be with them during the holiday period.
Sharing video via MMS was also popular in Argentina, where it rose by 475% on Christmas
Day. In the US, however, audio traffic saw the biggest increase of 289% on Christmas Day,
compared to the same day the previous week, where users are most likely sending recorded
messages to loved ones and friends wishing them a Merry Christmas.

In India, Acision enabled the delivery of one million MMS messages for a single
operator in a 24-hour period, a 400% jump in traffic on an average day. Almost identical
MMS figures were seen in India during Diwali, which highlights new consumer behaviour in
developing regions, where mobile users want to share experiences and celebrations but do
not necessarily have a broadband to do this via other networking applications. Malaysia, a
predominantly Islamic state, also saw an increase in MMS traffic of 31% and 47% on New
Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but a smaller increase on December 25th of 11%.

“This increase in the use of mobile messaging during the winter holidays is not
entirely unexpected but it does confirm that MMS has shifted in our consciousness as a
reliable way to reach loved ones with rich messages during this season,” commented Jorgen
Nilsson, Chief Executive at Acision. “We put this surge down to consumers’ increasing
desire to share rich content and special moments, stimulated by the global phenomenon of
social networking, which has also been made easier by the growing popularity of Smart
devices and access to networking applications.”

MMS provides an enriched, thoughtful, personal and yet unobtrusive way to let people
know they are being thought of, especially for those who have friends and family around
the world who were enjoying their seasonal gatherings or ushering in the New Year in
different time zones. Indeed, in both developed and developing regions the preference to
use MMS to disseminate visual and audio content instantly is underpinned by the
reliability and guarantee that their message will be delivered. If packaged well, MMS
presents an enormous opportunity for operators to capitalise on this trend as the service
works without a broadband connection and means consumers can send rich content to anyone
at any time,” continued Nilsson.

SMS figures also rose during the festive season. Spain experienced a 40% jump on both
Christmas and New Year’s Eve, while the US experienced a more modest 27% rise on Christmas
day. SMS traffic was also slightly higher in Argentina, where there was an 11% rise on New
Year’s Day – compared with 19% for the USA. Interestingly, the growth in MMS was
comparatively higher for Argentina than any other country monitored – its growth in SMS
during Christmas was only 15%, suggesting that more users than ever are keen for richer
experiences and turning to MMS.

Informa research from May last year found that over 387 billion
[http://blogs.informatandm.com/4971/press-release-sms-will-remain-more-popular-than-mobile-messaging-apps-over-next-five-years ]
MMS messages will be sent in 2016, representing
about 1.7% of global messaging traffic, and making MMS the second most-used messaging
application worldwide, after SMS. The spike in MMS during Christmas and New Year shows its
popularity as a way to share content, particularly during seasonal holidays, festivities
and events.

*Acision Data


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