Stick-N-Find Device Helps You Find Your Keys
January 10, 2013

CES 2013: Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Device Foils Your Cat’s Evil Plans

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Perhaps one of the greatest things about the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show is its sheer size. With so many exhibitors showing off so many products, you never know what people may have invented in order to solve any number of problems.

One such company, Stick-n-Find, has created a product for those smartphone owners who constantly lose their keys, need to remember where they´ve parked their car, or need a heads up alert before their cat walks into the room. (Cat owners know what I´m talking about.)

Yet another product utilizing the new, powerful-yet-low-powered Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Stick-n-Find location stickers aren´t much larger than a quarter and can therefore be added to any number of household items. The small circle can be attached to the back of the remote, placed in a purse, attached to a piece of luggage, added to a key chain and even attached to a pet´s leash.

If the Stick-n-Find is placed on something mobile, it can alert the user whenever said item gets within 100 feet of the smartphone it´s paired with. The coin-shaped trackers work vice versa as well.

It happens more often than I´d like to admit, but I often forget (or don´t care to remember) where I´ve parked the car when I stop at the grocery store. With a Stick-n-Find placed somewhere in my car, I could open up the app and begin searching for my vehicle. As soon as I get within 100 feet, it will show up on the app. Of course, at that point, I should be able to see the car pretty well.

If the Stick-n-Find is placed on something that can´t be found, such as a remote that has fallen beneath the couch, you can use the app to turn on a tiny alarm inside the tracker to help you locate it more easily. These trackers also have small LED lights around the sides to help you find things in the dark, a very handy feature indeed.

These devices are incredibly small, lightweight, and because they use Bluetooth 4.0, they can last for a year before their battery dies.

When this happens, simply unscrew the top from the bottom and replace with a new watch battery.

The company also hopes to launch an app called Task Launcher that will automatically change the phone´s settings whenever it gets close to the Stick-n-Find. In the hypothetical scenario listed on their Indiegogo site, this can be handy when users walk into a conference room, silencing their phones automatically.

Of course, you´d have to make sure every employee has the app installed, but I suppose that´s one of those “Devil´s in the details” sort of caveats.

As of this writing, the makers of Stick-n-Find have 11 days left in their Indiegogo campaign and have already raised $690,090 on a goal of $70,000.

They also hope to launch their Task Launcher app for Android by March and for iOS this summer.