Breffo Spiderpodium Is Your Best Friend Across The Pond
January 10, 2013

CES 2013: Breffo Spiderpodium Holds Your Phone, Tablet

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Sometimes the best solution is the easiest solution.

And sometimes, the best solution can resemble a creepy insect.

UK Company Breffo has solved the problem of how to hold your cell phone or tablet by looking to the spider, creating a simple, 8-legged device of rubber and metal. It sounds simplistic, but this approach was good enough to earn the company a 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show Showcase Award for Design and Engineering, so there.

Perhaps the best thing about Spiderpodium is it´s completely agnostic approach to devices. While we may get in arguments over whether the iPhone or the Galaxy S III is the best smartphone, the Spiderpodium is simply willing accept that the product exists and prop it up for you.

Made out of a durable, rubbery-type material and filled with a long-lasting metal for bones, the Spiderpodium bends to your whim, allowing you to position your iPad, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Droid and, yes, even your RIM Playbook nearly anyway you´d like.

I only mention the Playbook because the company actually had one of these sad tablets on display at their booth on the CES showroom floor.

They seemed a little embarrassed by it.

The Spiderpodium holds onto your device with a firm grip and won´t leave any marks. Those using the smaller of the two Spiderpodiums can even create an impromptu dock for the car. Simply wrap four of the legs around your smartphone and stick the other 4 into an air vent. Boom, an instant car dock which you can even take with you when you leave.

In addition to winning awards, Breffo was also launching a new product at CES.

This product was so new; the company only had a few samples on hand which they had just received from the manufacturer the day they arrived in Vegas. This product is so new; they don´t even have a name for it yet and have said they´ll probably give naming rights to customers.

If we were sticking with naming things after what they resemble, I´d call it the Breffo GumStand. Made from the same material, this stick resembles a large stick of gum and can be bent to provide a quick stand. When bent in an “S” formation, any smartphone can be propped up in just the right position.

These devices are durable, fun, and start at $15.99.

To pick up your own eight-legged accessory, visit