XTreme Power Floor Cleaning Machines By Daimer Released To Cleaning Professionals Offer Patented Motorized Spinners To Clean Up To 30 Times Faster

January 14, 2013
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Most professional cleaning contractors prefer to buy commercial steam cleaners and multi-purpose equipment that target a range of cleaning tasks on multiple surfaces. Daimer’s new floor cleaning equipment targets hard and soft surfaces for faster and more effective cleaning power than floor scrubbers and buffers.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) January 13, 2013

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a national and international leading supplier of its highly popular America produced brand of sophisticated cleaning machines for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, offering such technologies as advanced floor cleaning machines, tile steam cleaner machines, powerful chewing gum removal equipment, extraction-optimized water damage restoration equipment, and other professional products, is debuting floor machines incorporating the company’s Auto-Turbocharged Rotational Blade Technology to offer up to 200% better cleaning power than conventional floor cleaning equipment, and up to 3000% greater effectiveness than vapor steam cleaner systems.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 and HSC 14000 models feature completely adjustable pressure dials to reduce the levels from 1500 psi to the lowest positions, depending upon the application. Daimer®’s machines’ pressure is 25% higher than any other hard surface machine on the market. The special tools clean porous tiles and grout far more effectively than any other tile cleaner machine brands. The equipment is also designed to clean carpeting, fabric upholstery, and other surfaces as well with optional wands. The system rivals even the absolute best carpet cleaner truck mounts, and can be used for powerful auto detailing tasks and other popular cleaning applications.

“Cleaning uneven hard surfaces, such as sealed or unsealed porous tile and grout, ceramic tile, marble, travertine, limestone, quarry, and others has never been easy, even with specialized grout steam cleaner systems” says Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesman Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is proud to announce the launch of floor cleaners that do a far more comprehensive cleaning job than ordinary buffers and scrubbers, and other more traditional floor machines that have been used for years. Our exclusive automated tools spinning heads are perfect for cleaning a variety of porous and non-porous tile surfaces. The ability to swap wands for other surfaces elevates the systems to the ultimate level with respect to cleaning versatility.”

The XTreme Power® line of floor cleaning machines come with Daimer®´s exclusive rotary floor spinners, available in 9” or 19” diameter, depending on the model. Unlike other ordinary floor cleaners, the XTreme Power® HSC 13000 and 14000 are the industry’s only such tile and grout cleaning products that do not suffer any pressure loss during cleaning operations.

Non-motorized spinning heads offer a greatly reduced cleaning impact, since the machines driving the water through the nozzles must also spin the blade on which the nozzles are positioned. The result is a very diminished impact on the surface and much less effective cleaning results. The upgraded head for the XTreme Power® hard floor cleaning machines is enclosed within a composite-based guard unit that helps prevent over spray and controls water wastage. So, Daimer®´s equipment is greener than other technologies, which require much higher inlet water flow to spin their blades, etc.

Surfaces, such as porous tile and grout, accumulate dirt that cannot be removed using conventional techniques, such as surface scrubbing and wiping. Daimer®’s power-packed tile and grout cleaning systems are capable of removing even the most deep-seated dirt and grime from within these surfaces by creating a tornado effect with a water brushing technique. The powerful spinner heads available with the tile cleaner systems rotate at 1000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and are capable of cleaning up to 1000 square feet per hour.

The HSC 13000′s and 14000′s wands project an 15 degree forward angled water spray projection to drive into the surfaces while the blade spins in a clock-wise fashion. Non-motorized systems’ blades rotate in a counter-clockwise direction and the nozzles are angled in a direction opposite to Daimer®’s nozzles, which are most ideal for maximum impact. Clock-wise blade direction is most ideal while pushing the wand forward, similar to a lawn mower.

The spinner supports inlet water temperatures of up to 140º F and is fired at the surface at pressure levels of up to 1500 psi, higher than even the highest pressure portable floor steam cleaner machines on the market. Moreover, vacuum air flow at 200 cfm (cubic feet per minute) simultaneously extract dirt, grease, grime, and other substances and projects them directly into the system’s vacuum chamber. Although the machines are not considered tile steam cleaner machines, they meet EPA guidelines for proper disposal of contaminated water and residue from most hard surfaces when used in the proper way.

Automatic filling and dumping with advanced self-monitoring technology allow the operator to clean without the need to manually add clean water or remove extracted water from the system. The entire focus is on cleaning, resulting in maximum user productivity.

The HSC hard surface cleaners are available with an optional 12” wall squeegee, 12″ floor squeegee, 4″ upholstery tool, 12″ carpet wand, and pressure washer wand. The system is available in 110 volt, 60 Hz power as well as alternative power options for worldwide use.

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Interested parties can obtain more information on Daimer® machines by visiting the company’s website or by calling Matthew Baratta directly at (888) 507-2220. Daimer®’s machines are shipped to many countries around the globe.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is a major supplier and worldwide exporter of the cleaning industry’s leading line of vapor steam cleaners, portable car wash machine systems, floor steam cleaner systems, commercial hot water pressure washer equipment, grout steam cleaner machines, hard surface cleaners, and many patented technologies for worldwide applications.

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